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    Ilmara Quests Ceased?

    Do the Ilmara quests stop at some point? I seem to have hit a wall in quests in any of the three Ilmara towns since none have had a quest in a long time. I have slept at inns, completed quests elsewhere, etc, but still no change.
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    St. Admus secret doors

    I used a scroll to pop it and it worked fine. Thanks for the assistance!
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    St. Admus secret doors

    Ah, ok. I appreciate the effort of checking for me!
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    St. Admus secret doors

    The only one that popped says 23. Just waited again for a while (You can see the time in the screenshots). Time to go get some scrolls and refight these corrupted sabrecats. :roll:
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    St. Admus secret doors

    Oh, wow, it's about every 3 secs for a check? My luck really did run out, lol.
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    St. Admus secret doors

    I tried moving around for about 3 in-game hours, but I can keep moving. Staying in one spot doesn't appear to be doing the trick, but since I got one to pop, I suppose the others will, too.
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    St. Admus secret doors

    I stood for 48 in game hours in each spot, I got one to pop, the one on far right. I am level 20, Adain is 18, I have 15% detection, he has 20%. Never had a problem in any other places finding secrets, maybe my good luck just ran out... I will probably just go get some detection scrolls, I...
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    St. Admus secret doors

    Ok, so it sounds like I just need to have more patience. Been standing around the spots for many in game hours
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    St. Admus secret doors

    I can't get any of the secret doors to pop in St. Admits. Is there a particular check 26th At needs too be made? I can go redo my stats if that's required.
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    Which Crystal to Use?

    I have both the ice and fire crystals from Tremadan tower. Looking to see if there are any pros/cons for using either one to get through the door?
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    Nivarian Town Hall Quests

    Curious, did this get resolved? I have a different but related problem that after an in-game month of sleeping, moving between the 3 Ilmara towns, going to other lands and completing a TH Quest there, coming back, I get only witch quests now in Ilmara. I see the TH quests change in Ilmara...
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    Failed Town Hall Quests

    I came here to see if I could figure out why my slave bounty in Jabal that I completed made me lose reputation points in two other kingdoms while giving me +1 in Jabal and in Mercia. I see from your comment that this may be expected behavior, is that correct?