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  1. Roukan

    Companion Leveling Points?

    Because they lack advanced skills and the extra trait points, companions seem designed to be weaker than offensively-built player characters. If you're expecting them to do damage comparable to your character, the results might be disappointing. Perhaps you might want to think of them as...
  2. Roukan

    Restoring Game On New Device

    Re: Sorry to ask in a new topic, BUT I don't know what you've tried so far, so bear with me alright? Can you locate your EK.bak file? AFAIK, its correct location is /storage/emulated/0 (My Files > Device storage). If you transferred the file over to your new phone via bluetooth, I'd assume...
  3. Roukan

    Question about level bonuses.

    Okay, it’s 15 tomes without Friguld update, and an extra 2 added with the update. Available points per lvl, lvl 1: 4 AP lvl 2 to 15: 2 AP per lvl lvl 16 and above: 3 AP per lvl Breakdown at lvl 20, 4 + 14 * 2 + 5 * 3 + 15 tomes = 62 Breakdown at lvl 25, 62 + 5 * 3 + 2 tomes = 79 Hmm, seems...
  4. Roukan

    Question about level bonuses.

    It was in the v.0.8.963 update on 14/11/16. Seems that players who'd already reached those levels were given the extra points after the update. Just to be sure, why not post your current traits and remaining AP, and let's do...
  5. Roukan

    How to obtain the tome from Grey Library

    Just checked what I could. Forcing your way into the library causes -3 to Mercia reputation and -40 to Golden Hand reputation. Further reputation loss with the Golden Hand for killing the Golem in the Eastern room (-2), and for killing the two Golems guarding the North-West corridor (-2 * 2)...
  6. Roukan

    Dead god qeustion (spoilers)

    Noted and edited the wiki, thanks.
  7. Roukan

    [Need Help] Where should I be doing next?

    Your equipment seem fine. I'd recommend going to Sydarun to get an Oasis Ring (Sand Vermin quest). Also, if you plan on joining the Seventh House, a Lightning Dirk is an excellent upgrade for cheap. Grind a little for potions, and you'll have no problems with A Web of Terror with your current...
  8. Roukan

    [Need Help] Where should I be doing next?

    I'd like to give more specific advice, but I'd need more information about what exatly are you having trouble with in these quests. Regarding gear and weapons, what are you currently using? Some quests are just plain difficult at your level; grinding a little before tackling those would be...
  9. Roukan

    Snake Gang Quest

    If that's the case, it looks like he'll have to restore from a backup file. IIRC Zilda only ever offered the quest conversation once. Seems missable.
  10. Roukan

    Snake Gang Quest

    Wait a sec...are you referring to the five color combination to unlock the door? If you're saying that you missed the opportunity to get the password for the red door in Kirgua cave, perhaps restoring your save file from one of the temporary files created between game updates might help.
  11. Roukan

    Warrior companion build

    As far as I'm aware, companions can't learn advanced skills at the moment. Might want to keep that in mind when planning skills. Her total AP is = current level + 3, and skill points is = current level. Anyway, there's multiple ways to build Grissenda. Since you've already decided on her being...
  12. Roukan

    About the efficiency problems of stats

    Are you referring to something like this Give it a read if you have the time, it's rather interesting Don't mean to argue, but here's a thought. The way I see it, there's a clear disadvantage to be had with either keeping...
  13. Roukan

    A Guide to a better Rogue

    Interesting question. I've personally only ever played defensive builds, so take these build suggestions with a heaping bucket full of salt. The following builds are crafted around a (2 Damage : 1 Armor : lvl * HP) ratio. Some points are allocated to quality-of-life skills, the rest into...
  14. Roukan

    Mercian - Ruby Keys?

    If memory serves, to get the key, you have to help the Snake with the bank robbery. It's in the bank.
  15. Roukan

    Trait planner, armor optimizer, DPS calculator

    Sorry for the early bump. Due to lazy copy-pasting, I'd accidentally referenced the ring1 toughness values in ring2 recommendations. Essentially making the ring2 recommendations an exact duplicate of ring1. Fixed it, it's now done and proper. Again, terribly sorry about that.
  16. Roukan

    Alternate sidekicks? And how to get them

    On this page, under the main companions section, the three main companions names are listed. Click their names to go to their respective pages which contain their recruitment information. Note that you can only have one main...
  17. Roukan

    Trait planner, armor optimizer, DPS calculator

    Updated the link in the first post.
  18. Roukan

    Broken Crown of Tol & death resist. What is the reduction % per point of resistance?

    Just tested the life drain of the Broken Crown of Tol (12 death damage) against the death resist stat. From as low a death resist as I could manage, till a death resist high enough to completely mitigate the life drain, i.e. Math.floor(12 * (1 - deathResist%)) = 0. Here's the cut-off points for...
  19. Roukan

    Damage per second changed

    One possibility, are you using STR gloves or 1 STR belt while using a light weapon? Single point STR increments that result in odd numbered STR totals don't add anything in such situations.
  20. Roukan

    Introducing myself with a question

    Tap their character portrait at the upper left of the screen. Alternatively, you can first tap your own character portrait, and then access your companion's equipment page by tapping their portrait at the bottom right of the screen. Applies only to the 3 named companions, of course. Those...