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    Wand mage help

    I've decided to try wand mage on casual since there are new wands, and I am struggling with the damage. It seems like my build is broken, what do I need to change with my build? And do I need to focus on spellcasting or wand hits? Criticism is appreciated and welcome, thank you in advance.
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    Combustion slowing enemies?

    The skill description does not say it does, but it slows down enemies. Is this a bug?
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    Best cleric 1-h weapon for sunken citadel?

    I can't be bothered to farm for golem fist, there aren't a lot of iron golems so I'll just use any substitutes.
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    Cleric- cleric guild or warrior's guild and play style questions

    Hello, I'm having trouble deciding what guild to join, I've already played warrior's guild cleric with duel+heavyhand, but this time I am trying to experiment with a spirit wolf build that's viable in the ark reactor. I'm trying to experiment with this build, and change parts of it. I want to...
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    2-h warrior help

    I am absolute garbage at warrior. Any advice on what skills to pick first, what skills to focus on later, and how to progress the early levels?
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    A guide to a (hopefully) better rogue

    This is a rogue guide I'll do based on VDX_360's post. I don't see a lot of rogue related guides here, so I'll post one. I Have played rogue for some time and I am quite comfortable with it, hope this helps! Updated with the new stuff.
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    Ark warrior help?

    Hello again, I somehow find the ark to be very hard for my warrior(sword+shield). Do you have any tips for me?
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    Best sunken citadel weapon?

    Currently doing a tank warrior and want to know what's the best choice.
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    Iron golem not allowed at ark entrance

    Everytime I go to the entrance barrier with my summon, the dialogue box that makes your companion go home pops up. Screenshot
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    Mage summoner tips?

    Just finished cleric and wanted to try summoner. I will respec once I get to icemist. Here's my build so far, any tips?
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    Guardian wolf- yes or no?

    I'm considering putting points into guardian wolf because of the spirit damage. But I wonder if it'll be usefull for the arc reactor level.
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    Holy shield- should I spend points?

    I'm playing cleric right now and I wonder if I should spend points in holy shield.