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    Demon Golden Cove Bank

    Respec your character. Only need 2 points in AWA plus the amulet of the eyes from gets you 3 AWA. Later get amulet of dark whispers to get 4 AWA. Once you reach the ARK put points in AWA for 5 points. Only need 2 maybe 3 points for END plus Oasis ring. Then put remaining points in STR and/or AGI...
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    Early game mage

    Start mage with 1 point on INT, AWA, PER, AGI. 1 point on Fireball. With fireball you never have to get anywhere near goblins. Stay Lannegar. Do goblin quest and blue flower quest. You should level up. Put 2 points in INT. 1 point staff mastery and 1 point mage armor. Buy staff of force. Get...
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    Composite bow

    Level 13 Port Malan quest with Adon becomes available. Go get the Silver bow of Malan. Crypt trap Summon a wolf. When trap set move fast to top of screen to not engage the Evoker who heals the wraiths. The bow will shred the weaker wraiths in the crypt later. Get key 6. Kill the Necromancer. Go...
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    The summoner build is... underwhelming

    I misspoke. Yes mage armor early. I meant Mage barrier.
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    The summoner build is... underwhelming

    It might be your using a wand instead of a staff. When you summon a creature knockback can negatively effect their attack. Staff offers stun. Plus with a golem and companion in the mix your more untouchable which makes orbs armor less useful. The staff damage plus stun will do quick work and...
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    Item update thread

    1H Cleric you get the Silvery Mace by lvl 2. No need to change weapons until getting the flaming warhammer at level 7 or 8. Pre-ark you only need Spirit Breaker or Paladin Sword and Ghostbane/Golem Fist(If your lucky to get drop). Rest of weapons are obsolete by the time you get them. The Mystic...
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    Who said this isn't a party game?!

    10 in the party. You can get 11 if you save bank heist for last and have Zilda temporarily join. It was fun. Cleric, Hirge, Spirit Wolf, Mercenary, Zenmo, Niur, Lisperix, Riella, Rodney, and Teram.
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    Ironman mage finished

    Awesome. Most impressive is the 53 hours. You must have had a good linear plan. Any tips for others trying the same?
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    Party Challenge

    Nuir last would be easier. Wait! What about Riella? She makes 9. I have to try it. Going to try cleric with spirit wolf. Do Not rescue anyone until strong enough to get Zenmo. Merc, Spirit Wolf or scroll, companion, Zenmo, Riella, Nuir, Lisperix, Rodney, Teram, and yourself make 10. 11 if...
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    Party Challenge

    Thanks. Thought of it this last run. I keep Teram, a merc, and Rodney until Grissenda. So I have a party of 5 the entire start of game. Allows for fast dungeon clear. I agree. No way of getting to Zilda or Breno with that group. Also there is Zenmo but no chance for weaker party members. I do...
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    Party Challenge

    Challenge: Have 8 in your party. How to: 1. Mage class 2. Get gold to hire a merc 3. Finish goblin quest and get Teram 4. Level 2 get Rodney 5. Learn summoner for Sparkling 6. Get Grissenda 7. Get Nuir 8. Get Lispirex Pitfalls: 1. If your Merc dies you can't rehire with others in the...
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    Ironman mage completion

    Awesome job! Wow. I always get smashed by a trap. Next on Hard mode im trying to beat all 90 quests in less than 125 days.
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    What does your forum user name mean?

    Wyrm is short for "EarthWyrm" The EarthWyrm: A flightless lightning breathing snakelike elder dragon that lives in underground caves. It has an emerald colored body with sparking golden horns, spikes, claws, and teeth. It's eyes are crimson red and turn all black when feeding on its prey. It...
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    Freetown Arena Glitch

    Yeah. Already know the lesson. I usually hard save more often. Got absent minded. Using a cleric is my fastest to full game completion. I was very close with wand/summoner mage. I believe Staff/summoner mage can beat game fastest. It was first attempt. So something to look forward too. EK has...
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    Freetown Arena Glitch

    It was on my PC. Nothing out of the ordinary occured beforehand. Was business as usual. I don't need it fixed. I've moved on. Without glitches in life we would all be zombies.
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    Freetown Arena Glitch

    All gone
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    Freetown Arena Glitch

    Yeah. Was so weird. Felt like my eyes were tricking me. You can't take the gear or weapons from chests out into the city. Only potions you bought for the $1500 bribe and items found on the 3 skeletons inside the Arena. Plus can you even lose your Bag of Holding? That was how I knew it was a...
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    Freetown Arena Glitch

    Many many runs through the Arena so this is not a newbie type post. Not looking for assistance. Just sharing and curious if anyone else had this happen. Was in Freetown with mage using staff. Emptied the inventory and filled my bag and storage. Did a quicksave and townsave. Entered Arena...
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    Emerald Valley and Kurgua Cave need drop balancing on the next technical update

    18 complete runs through Emerald Valley and Kurgua Cave. 2 hours. Only 9 red, 12 green fangs, 3 ivory rings, AND NO MYSTIC BONE MACE! Very absurd and boring considering their lack of importance. OKAY 20 runs NO Mystic Bone Mace. Did the dev get rid of it!? This is my 8th character in this game...