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  1. Xen

    Off-Hand weapon for Warrior

    I've noticed there are only two notable off-hand weapons that a warrior can use, those are Tarand's Hatchet with a Slow effect (should be Stun instead) and Hatchet. A warrior can't benefit much by joining Seventh House so it's not advisable to do that if just for the other off-hand weapon, my...
  2. Xen

    [Bug]Trader Gilron

    I don't know what's the problem here, I just can't interact with him. 1622096752
  3. Xen

    Future of Varannar

    I know David won't be updating EK anytime soon, so I just want to ponder about some things; 1. Will we see more of Mercian territory in the next update? 2. Can we still experience crafting/enchantment in the future even if David cancelled that concept? 3. Will we be able to meet the leaders of...
  4. Xen

    Doing SoH before the Evil Ending

    I have a question regarding the Evil Ending achievement, "Traveller" can I finish it without doing Sewer of Horrors or not? I don't have a plan to finish all things in one playthrough except for my other characters.
  5. Xen

    Flamming Warhammer's Icon

    After the update, the icon is still not in its original form, still the same with Spirit Breaker. Also the icon for the new bow might be better to use other (white bow version of Poisonous Longbow) image rather than using the same icon for Mist Hunters Bow.
  6. Xen

    Off-Hand Hatchet

    Sometime in the past I played a dual wield Warrior with an Axe and a Hatchet, but sooner I gave up on it because as Warrior in Warrior's Guild there is no option to get the Toecutter. Maybe this time if it is too much to ask for varieties of elemental hatchet like Tarand's Hatchet, can we have...
  7. Xen

    Mount Storme/Storme Castle

    I'm curious about this for almost a year now and the position of the guards has changed so i'm hoping this will open soon in the coming update. What are your thoughts about this one?
  8. Xen

    Orc Kingdom

    As I have noticed, Primal Icicle and Bloody Thunder are weapons with Orc Slayer attribute, but you can only get those weapons from dragon rumor bosses and several unique bosses in-game around level 15(that is the level where you can usually handle the fight against bosses). I'm just curious if...
  9. Xen

    New Portraits

    I wish we can get new portraits for the next update :) especially for male pc.
  10. Xen

    Elisse Urhad, Praetor Rongae, and Yamiba

    I'm curious about them, what will happen to them, and what will be the quests from them? I won't hold my breath for too long because David will work for the new game and will prioritize it after the updates for v1.2 but i'm hoping he would still develop E.K. not exceeding a year or two because...
  11. Xen

    2 Alchemist Niisa

    There are 2 Alchemist Niisa after the update. Before the update, the old name for Alchemist Niisa in Freetown Warrior's Guild is Alchemist Dorea, please check the name because it brings conflict in the wiki page P.S. The problem is I deleted the old page for Alchemist Dorea and changed it to...
  12. Xen

    Spirit Bow

    Rogue Archer is the type which doesn't gain much and nerfed every passing update. IMHO now is the time for Archers to gain some love, what I mean is adding bow with other attributes aside from Beastslayer and Vicious, or better if there is a Spirit bow to cope up with all the weapon types in-game.
  13. Xen

    Shadow Enemies

    Here it is the kind of enemies that I was thinking from before, which a spirit element weapon can be useful. We know(or some of us know) that the new enemies are susceptible to spiritual damage but aside from that, of which kind can they be classified? Outsiders or Undead?
  14. Xen

    Chest Storage/Vault

    Sure there will be another set of new items to collect and use in the next update, but the problem is the inventory management especially if you need potions to survive. I hope we can have another set of Vault in Townhalls at least 4 for a total of 8 vaults or chests in the new areas.
  15. Xen

    Guild Quest

    As the tittle suggest, it is about the pending Guild quests in the game(Warrior's Guild, Seventh House, Church of The Three, Mage Guild) i'm curious on what happened to the boss of Seventh House and what is that business trip, what is that Warrior's Guild contract to the King of Mercia and what...
  16. Xen


    I'm just wondering when will this feature happen? The original plan before is to include this after version 1.1 or the version 1.2 but after I've seen the development plan for 1.2 there is no crafting included in it. Is it possible that there is version 1.3 which includes multiplayer and...
  17. Xen

    Enemy/Monster Relevancy

    I noticed that there are Unique Boss enemies like the Kurg King, Ancient Yeti, and other Dragon bosses with a unique name. Why not give them a story and background in a form of quest just like the High Priest of Tol? And also it will be a bit more rewarding if you give unique item drops to...
  18. Xen

    Can't dismiss Hirge

    I made a new character and gathered Hirge through her quest first before Grissenda and Adaon, what I noticed in her companion interface is it doesn't show the dismissal dialogue. Please have a look at it.
  19. Xen

    New Portraits

    We have seen changes to some of the icons for the potions and cloaks and some NPC got a new look. Please add new portraits for character creation especially for Male PC.
  20. Xen

    In-game Font

    The new font is good, but my phone doesn't support it, :( sad to say but I should stay to the old font for now.