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    suggestion for stealth - can come closer to enemies

    To make it more useful for stealth attack it is possible to add passive option. So enemies notice character only when he is 0.5 or 1 meter closer. Not a game changer. But it is often enemies move from screen and attack before you notice them.
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    Chests with valuables - for stealth experst

    I like stealth skill. If there only were more use of this skill. For example chests with valuables and strong enemies you can't defeat them but you can use run, stealth tactics. Location could be chain of separated rooms with strong enemies and places to recover stealth skill with reward in...
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    Stab and sneak formula calculation

    What is the formula for calculating stab with sneak? Does sneak multiplies base damage with stab? ( dmg+stab)*sneak=x or they are calculated separately dmg*sneak+stab=x And when is critical added?
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    Mental traits and how they affect quests line

    How hardly intellect awareness and personality affect quest line and rewards? 1 My rogue without personality 2 couldn't survive Rodo poisenous attack. Part of quest to join thieves guild. 2 Awareness 2 or Adaon in team needed to notice slot in hand of statue which opens enterence to the...
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    Tactical skills need improvement

    I wonder if someone going to use tactical skills such as: stealth, kick, sprint with current time and delay. To hit target effectivelly you need more skill points, also you need to navigate to target, this isn't easy, considering inavigation isn't accurate, target moves. Target can notice you...