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  1. RougeRogue

    Titan quest similar to EK?

    I've been playing it recently, and its a hack and slash loot grind with character building as the main focus. The graphics are very pretty and the story is ok. It doesnt have the characters or humour of Exiled Kingdom.
  2. RougeRogue

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    It's looking so beautiful, you and your team must be proud. The combat sounds fascinating, open to endless creativity. Will there be any ownership of houses or land, can we make a mark?
  3. RougeRogue

    [Challenge] Race to the tower

    would the next level be to complete the main quest?
  4. RougeRogue

    [Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

    That's great news! Thanks for bringing a new update. I've been playing exiled kingdoms on a recently bought ipad mini 5 and was wondering if there was a way to change the aspect ration of the game, it's a little stretched vertically. Is it possible to add something in the new update?
  5. RougeRogue

    Companion Bug

    I've had the same thing. If you reload again your companion will be back on their feet. Not as a good as a fix but at least you have them back and fighting.
  6. RougeRogue

    Archbishop dilla - missing skill check dialogue

    That was also my first thought but when i went the gate to where she lives was closed. I'm beginning to think I didn't give the book, and just remembered wrongly. I did check all my storage just in case, but nothing there, and I'm doing a completionist run so it's unlikely i sold it. Will...
  7. RougeRogue

    Archbishop dilla - missing skill check dialogue

    That'd be great, thanks. I'm doing a completionist run and it's the one thing im stuck on.
  8. RougeRogue

    Archbishop dilla - missing skill check dialogue

    Hi, yeah, all those lines showed up, but when it gets to: She: "...a powerful war priest...bla bla" I have no blue option, it only lets me say: 'I see. Let me ask something else.'
  9. RougeRogue

    Archbishop dilla - missing skill check dialogue

    Having a little trouble getting the skill check dialogue when talking to Dilla. I gave the book to the priest in New Anthur and have the required INT level, Dllla also thanks me for retreiving the book and when questioned she admits to burning it - yet there's no skill check option given in...
  10. RougeRogue

    Flaming warhammer

    Hi, It's great the spirit breaker and flaming warhammer no longer have he same icon, but could you return the flaming warhammer to its flame icon, like it wass before the spirit breaker was introduced. At the moment the flaming warhammer looks like just a normal tier item rather than a special...
  11. RougeRogue

    Hardcore character STUCK!

    You're welcome :)
  12. RougeRogue

    Hardcore character STUCK!

    Have you tried clicking on the folder in the continue game screen? there might be an area save there.
  13. RougeRogue

    Questions from a new player

    I'll add another +1 for cleric. It starts strong and continues throughout all levels. As for the time it takes, you will find this is a long game, it's longer than some pc games. I've recently started a speed run and have already taken 12 hours or so, despite knowing what to do, where to go...
  14. RougeRogue

    XP not calculating correctly?

    Good to know, mystery solved. Is the 5000xp for completing the mssion in favour of syllara correct?
  15. RougeRogue

    XP not calculating correctly?

    Hi, I've just finished the lady of the night mission, by kiling the night lord. I dimissed my companion before starting the fight and have a +18% xp modifier but the xp received is lower than i expected. I got 1074xp from klilng the guy then 10620xp from the mission completion but i...
  16. RougeRogue

    Beat the game--what now?

    oh god, mage on iron man is an exercise in hair pulling frustration. Good luck if you do that :) You could do a speedrun. See how quickly you can complete the main quest, in ingame time. There's a hall of fame thread/discussion, maybe that could give you some ideas...
  17. RougeRogue

    Playing EK on a 4:3 Android Device S-T-R-E-T-C-H

    putting a little bump here, hpefully david will see it and offer some feedback.
  18. RougeRogue

    3 Small bugs

    The second gate key has been fixed. if it's in your inventory when you're near the entrance to that area it will automatically dissapear.
  19. RougeRogue

    Evasion flaw

    yeah, I've noticed the same thing. It's been mentioned before, but I 've not heard anything about a fix or if the developer has said anything about it, yet.
  20. RougeRogue

    Call of the Blood - beating vampires

    Just so you dont get the wrong idea, you cant avoid all the vampires, it's part of the difficulty.