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    time to revisit this place

    wowee! I sure wrote some weird stories back in the day that got tons of views... some even make me laugh today. some were a nice experience to revisit others I don't even dare open. well I finished school started college and forgot about this place... I wonder if all the old guys that I knew...
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    Is there a group chat thingy like skype or discord for this game?

    It could be great if we can have an actual chat room for this game... unless there already is
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    The great adventure for carrot heads part 3

    (That file ^ was 501 kb.... and the limit is 500 kb... I'm just a pile of bad luck!)
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    The great adventure for carrot heads part 2

    Alright... enough of that... I have better things to think about right now. Meet the... other half of me? Long story short I attempted to summon a demon to make my life easier buuuut... as always I managed to screw it up and the demon split my soul. So now this annoying little bugger is...
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    The great adventure for carrot heads part 1

    And I stood there... and spoke... But... There just weren't enough carrot heads on me to prove of my innocence... You see... the 7 bunny lords of the underworld desire all the carrot heads in the world to be theirs. I was just unlucky enough to get the job of bringing them the carrot heads...
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    Sweating like a pig that walked out of a sauna guide

    Welcome back to life guides with tiger! So... today we are going to talk about sweating... like a pig that walked out of a sauna... There are 2 reasons why you clicked on this... you either want to get to places in life or you have nothing better to do... well if you do want to get to places in...
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    Eating guide

    Coming up next after the poo.... oh... that post got closed with not a single word... I don't know if that's sad or funny Well back on topic! Alright so you know how you eat that expensive and delicious food and then it ends....? Well fear no more cuz this tiger is about to double your...
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    Pooping guide

    Alright so... you know how you (maybe) always poop the wrong way? Welllllll that's why I'm here... to save your butts! Been some time since the showering guide I did... *flashbacks* Yeaaaaaa...... Well let's get back to what you came here for! Now... you need to do these steps very...
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    All the health!

    Is it possible to reach 1k health?! Well with the infinit lvl ups now....... but yea...
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    Main quest ending design

    Will the main quest really be this short or will there be tons of grinding for special items or maybe make us go to places around the world like the frozen area and some islands and that orc land?
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    Other then it being the food of the gods.... do you like it? Do you make your own and if so what do you use? Maybe I could also try useing your ingredients You can clearly see that I'm runing out of ideas to post here...
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    So.... how would it feel like to die? The reason I'm vomiting this crap here is cuz I cant talk about it in real life... it would end in a "why are you so miserable? I hate you for that!" Or "yep... no thanks... bye... forever..." ooor "well you have a problem time to go back to the mental...
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    My world: the best plan (how did I even fail...?)

    As you can see I'm running so much in my dreams... I need help... In a world... that's on the back of a swimming dragon....! There was a young tiger... with a disaster for hair... (first time I touched it I got so scared thinking it wasn't a dream) OK so the hair.... take a rope and 3 more...
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    Freetown warriors guild map

    When you go into the Freetown warriors guild and open the minimap... well it just doesn't look right... is it right..?
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    No update in over a month

    Are you planing another massive update or is it just the translating the entire game and recoding?
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    My world: does every thing want me dead?

    It all started in a magic and English school on a giant Hill... it was pretty cold and I had to go to the toilet! Let's not talk about what I did in there... So after that I went to a building close to the school and was greeted by loki and a guy with a shovel and yellow safety hat... loki said...
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    Remember Rodger?

    Sooo.... remember Rodger from insanity night? More then half of you probably have no idea what that means... so here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6330&hilit=Insanity+night Well... what are the odds of that ending being a thing in the game? Maybe change the name but that sounds kinda epic and before the...
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    Greedy on potion spaming

    About 10 years ago I played a game where after each giant boss my inv would be empty of health potions... and in this game I seem to be really greedy on drinking potions and some times die because of that... are you also greedy on drinking potions or do I have a problem...?
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    Remember that moment...?

    Do you remember that moment when every goblin fight felt epic and really hard? Or that other moment when you had no idea what items to buy from the traders... or that moment at the main quest where you got drunked while drinking wine and put in the prison area that you had no idea what to expect...
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    Rogue archer xp grinds

    Where can a lvl 13 archer grind all the xp at?