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    Secrets of the dead

    Whenever i do this quest i always give 1 book to the grey library and keep the rest in storage just in case. The reason i gave the book to mercia is for the sake of getting the gloves. And then i did a certain quest that made my rep negative to the golden hand but it seems that the grey library...
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    Cleric intervention

    Why it wont work on scripted deaths 1622103690 Like drinking on black pool or stabbing the dude on sarcophagus
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    Temple of secrets

    I have issues with this. I cleared out all 3 doors still searching for the last lever and suddenly everything respawns and also the levers also resets and now i have to do it all over again. Fix this
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    Dont you think that archers needs more advance skills? I kinda prefer pure archer build and I believe it needs a little oomph 1621938304 It would be nice to have arrows as offhand item 1621938355 Like iron arrows steel arrows mithril arrows etc
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    Which class is more fun to play?

    Pick one and also state your opinion why?
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    Which class gets stronger at every level?

    What I mean is that which class gets stronger everytime it levels up without spending traits. I have a lvl 25 cleric and it cannot get any stronger and I feel like considering a new playthrough
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    My ultimate cleric

    What do you guys think? This build easily killed the two strongest bosses in the game. The shield is kinda ugly but it has wisdom II so its better 1594658058
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    The Fallen Dragoon is kinda strange

    The Fallen Dragoon is found at Mausoleum and I find it strange that it can use Arbenos' Might despite being BOTH Undead and Mercian. Mercian hate the Three dont they. And the Three is the mortal enemy of the undead
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    I wish David would create a quest for a legendary weapon

    It would be nice if a player could craft a single weapon with the specs of his/her choosing. Searching for the desired materials. One time craft. I also prefer a weapon heard from rumors for example: like warcraft muradin heard a runeblade frostmourne on northrend. I know that there are tons of...
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    Is 2h warrior better than melee rogue

    I want to make the highest dps character of all time. is two handed expert better than dual wield? I have lvl 24 warrior cleric with 44 dps. It is strong and unkillable but it is slow at killing which sucks. Cleric lacks damage bonus like rogue and warrior and I find arbenos might useless at...
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    Cant get goggled helmet

    I tried so many times and it wont appear. I got the ring of star traveler twice which is 1% drop rate while the goggled helmet is 4% how crazy is that. Once I got this helmet and the ashen leggings my build is complete.
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    My New Cleric Build. Opinion pls

    Lvl 19 Cleric with 7 unused trait points STATS STR 4+1 =5 END 4+1 =5 AGI 4+1 =5 INT 4+1 =5 AWA 3+2 =5 PER 4+2 =6 SKILL Arbenos' Might 1 Crusader 3 Heal Wounds 2 Intervention 3 Nivaria's Barrier 3 Sacred Fire 3 Thelume's Wisdom 1 ADVANCE SKILL Body Development 3 Duel 3 Guardian Wolf 1...
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    Spoiler question(Read at your own risk) Related to undermother

    Can i kill undermother at first meeting? if yes how will the flame prophet will react if i killed the unweakened undermother? why i asked? I cant decide which route to follow. Is the flame prophet evil?
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    How is my cleric build?

    Is Spirit breaker better than paladins longsword?
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    Can you craft both Minotaur Rings

    I was wondering if its possible to have both rings for my cleric.
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    Help pls answer

    I just joined the seventh house and i tried to talk to niruh to enter the seventh house freetown but he still wont let me enter. where did i go wrong level 6 rogue
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    Character Skin

    Is there any equipment that gives the character as unique appearance such as heroic helm?