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    Weapons for the cleric class

    So im starting a new cleric tell me what weapon shall i have in my hands in this levels : lvl 1_5... lvl 5_10....lvl 10_15....lvl15_20
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    When The Wiki Will be finally updated?

    Ive stopped playing because im waiting for the wiki to get updated so i can find out what i have to do in new areas
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    Rogue skill points

    Hey guys this is my rogue skill points is it good or i shall reset it ? 1621876161 And what skiils to get next 1621876171 Lvl 13 rogue
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    [Spoilers] About new update (Varannari)

    Since wiki isnt updated yet i have a few questions 1:what happens if you kill daughter of varnnar leaders 2: how do i become firendly or trusted since there is no town hall quest?
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    About rogue build

    is it going well and first i shall go assassinate or other skills? Mod Note: Deleted several screen shots. Try to be mindful of using excessive screen shots in a post.
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    About 1.3

    Are there any new armors for rogues ?
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    1.3 release date

    Anyone knows apporximatly when it comes?
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    Ark was a big fail......

    Simply i went to ark tried to get atleast 4 points but didnt succseed so had to face horor wich i died abs so now just tell me what to do to get atleast 4 points to get help of those 2 and kill the horor here i upload images plz tell me what skills and trait points to get for 4 points in last...
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    Equipment / Gear advice for Ark?

    Am i ready for ark and are my potions enough if im missing anything plz tell me to buy i have tons of money
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    Hi guys how good is my warior(not native speaker sorry for bad english)

    and hirge is the best for sunken citadel right? 1620104135 Also anyone knows when 1.3 is dropping im so exited about it 😃
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    Wich place better for loot farming in lvl 15?

    Im lvl 14 going to 15 soon and i have farmed both maze of lamth and a bit of mausolem so wich one you guys think is better for me to grind