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  1. Trace Da Cruz

    Ashen Steak😂🥩

    No mods, it's possible to hoard that much gold, - In fact, I was able to gather a million gold at lv 24. it's a matter of hard work, not wasting in equipment or potions, progressing through the story, and occasionally, doing townhall quests, that should be right enough...
  2. Trace Da Cruz

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    I see you bought the arcane staff, it reminds me when I bought it, and right after that, I found a better one in the next dungeon...
  3. Trace Da Cruz

    How to? Solo play difficulty curve in non-meta build

    My mage build was more like a heavy archer than a mage, no spells no summoning, just staff damage, and Disintegrate as only spell, however I played on casual, for I was figuring the game back then (it was my second run ever) I'm not sure about a solo run, but the build is very effective -well...
  4. Trace Da Cruz

    Spoilers Ultimate Lore Compendium

    But, Monsieur, the man who said such words was polluted by the nightmares of Syllara, who is also manipulating him into breaking the seal, the witches of Orogg are known to break the faith of such priests, I would not be surprised if that was a lie as well. However, the relation between the...
  5. Trace Da Cruz

    My fave rpgs

    Already mentioned mine several times, but another would be Earthbound. There's also one too complicated called Abomination, is considered abandonware, at least last time I checked. It's a pretty good tactical strategy.
  6. Trace Da Cruz

    How to? coral snakes doesn't drop anything

    Even further, she goes just like Gilmour, giving you the boots that could have been handy during the quest, not after it, but on the bright side, you can get more gold if you collect three of each, and you are properly equipped this time, and there's more snakes in the new area...
  7. Trace Da Cruz

    Spoilers Ultimate Lore Compendium

    I am most pleased to share our knowledge, and your welcoming is most appreciated.
  8. Trace Da Cruz

    Spoilers Ultimate Lore Compendium

    Please excuse my intrusion, Monsieur, but I felt the desire to correct you about this Fortress of the Blue Star, it happens to be the one under the Castle Storme, built by the enslaved Varannari under the orders of the Tolassians, as described in a book found in Nayau Tomb. The Temple of the...
  9. Trace Da Cruz

    Funny game glitches?

    Well the glitch I mentioned is harmless enough, and is too restricted, so is safe to exploit, -if ever in certain areas. :cool:
  10. Trace Da Cruz

    Funny game glitches?

    Well my friend, I have to say that last time I learned about a glitch, the thread was erased, you know, Forum Rules. This kind of exploits can be damaging, and honestly, is cheating. But you can search for one that involves a warrior and elemental healing...
  11. Trace Da Cruz

    Replay Value of Exiled Kingdoms?

    Just last night I was browsing the store, but I guess I expect every game to be like EK, its main value is the replay, of course, a great collection, a lot to find out, multiple outcomes, and different builds for each class... I was born in the 90, but never had my own games until my 20's I...
  12. Trace Da Cruz

    Funny game glitches?

    I have encountered rumor bosses without getting rumors, maybe they spawn, and then you get word about them, but never happened with Town Hall quest items. The sliding cleric always got me out of trouble, healing and escaping at the same time, I find it funny. Another thing I have noticed is that...
  13. Trace Da Cruz

    How to? 2-H Level 8 Warrior - Need Help with Build

    You have to be patient with this, since is a relatively early gameplay, but you will have to use potions if you don't use Recovery. What I do is farming some mana potions, since they are actually more common than healing ones, and in the post game major healing potions don't make up the damage...
  14. Trace Da Cruz


    You also have to admit is satisfying to figure it out. 1631121953 I remember having an app for this rune writing, but David came out with "ult" "ni" "bo" "thar" so I was "out-clevered"
  15. Trace Da Cruz

    How to? 2-H Level 8 Warrior - Need Help with Build

    I have to add that active skills are a matter of choice, so you choose to focus in the following: The direct damage (DPH) with Heavyhand and Duel, this allows you to do more raw damage (just that Duel don't fare too well with interruptions) The critical exploit: Precision Strikes and Massive...
  16. Trace Da Cruz

    How to? How to get to Solligar ? There is no Bridge…

    have you updated? you might need to reinstall if it doesn't work...
  17. Trace Da Cruz


    This ritual is so powerful!!! Praise The Developer!
  18. Trace Da Cruz

    Full Licenses Recovery

    If you mean you already bought it and just installed in your device, in the starting screen there's the option "Store", it will pop a menu where you are offered the full license, in the low left corner, there's the option "Restore Purchase" If it's gray, you already have the full game...
  19. Trace Da Cruz


    I think the ritual involves sacrificing a goat, putting it in some fire, send him an Email, having some beers, and expecting the best...:cool: What the hell? this thread started with a simple question in spanish and we end up talking barbecue... We are spamming a poor guy's mail...🤣