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    Is there a unit in the game that measures years

    Hey I was just wondering if there is a way that time is recorded in the EK universe. Does it use our AD BC system or does it have its own system such as skyrims eras. As well as this I am curious of the date of EK in this time system and the difference between it and David’s new game...
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    Multiple Attribute Bug

    I have noticed this bug in game for a long time but it’s really annoying me now. When equipping an equipment piece onto your character or companion that contributes an attribute point when two pieces give one attribute point it displays the message that only one attribute will count
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    Exiled Kingdoms Sequel

    Ok so we all know David is planning to release a sequel to Exiled Kingdoms. This has been hinted at in game and he has mentioned details about it on the forum. My question is, does anyone have details on in game story, release dates or anything like that. Thanks!