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  1. DetectiveDoctor

    Medipack Farming?

    I'm working on building up my warrior to run the ark and thus, want to farm out some medipacks as I assume they're faster to farm out than triple golden apples, lol. What's your strategy? Pathing? I'm so used to dragging Hirge along as a heal-bot, that I cringe everytime I have to use...
  2. DetectiveDoctor

    How to kill The Abbot (Cursed Abbey Quest) (spoilers!)

    I've talked to the demon in the Hellish Cave. I have the St Admus chilling as a ghost in the center of my Abbey. I've exhausted all options with both. Abbot is still immortal. I go and read his book. Then I talk to both again. Nothing changed. I killed the demon. No change. What...
  3. DetectiveDoctor

    Raising Thuram Rep?

    I'm trying to get into Icemist with my warrior. I've done all 4 wizard tower quests and the quest for the mage in Kingsbridge that gives you a cloak. I've also finished Swine Trouble and Probably the Best Potion quests. My Thuram rep is at 4. I was going to do town hall quests in...
  4. DetectiveDoctor

    Gossip not working properly

    Nevermind, I fixed it.