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    Fire crystal - Imp character with crystal corpse disappeared with crystal

    Hi, I'm unable to get the fire crystal as the imp character (zherghast?) disappeared on death. My character moved from fire pit to lower level of tower at same time imp died, and on coming back into fire pits, corpse had disappeared.
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    Mage save file force closing on load up

    My save game for my 2nd level mage character keeps force closing the game on loading up. Ive checked the other saves, and can open them without any problems. Happened twice in a row, unable to send an error report as game closes completely. Will try rebooting phone and see if problem persists.
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    Big earthquakes in New Zealand

    I'm okay though. There's a tsunami incoming off the east coast. I'm on the west coast, so I'm personally ok. Hopefully the wave isn't too big or too powerful.
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    Good or bad jokes; share them all!

    What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday? Aye matey!
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    What music are you listening to right now?

    I listen to a massive range of music in multiple languages, and am always on the look out for new things to listen to. About the only style of music I don't listen to is County and Western, as riding horses and driving cattle doesn't interest me. This is a song I'm listening to a lot at the...
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    A way to use paid mercenaries without paying them

    This only applies to mercenaries found outside of the towns. What I've been doing is dragging monsters towards them, at which point the merc will engage them in combat. This pays dividends while you're at a low level, but won't reward you with the experience points, it's more useful to thin out...
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    Ways to use the Warrior skills

    I thought I might share how I personally use the Warrior skills. I don't have many active skills for my main character, just Resilience, all his points are spent on the Warrior special skills and Cleave, of which all special skills are at max level. Karkas is more a wind up toy, combining Duel...
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    Bug: Reputation confusing, conflict between town hall and character log

    My 8th level warrior is trying to get the second quest from the knight out the front of Lannegar. The text in the town hall says I'm 'friendly' in Lannegar, from the average of my rep in the town and area, but my rep in just Lannegar itself shows as 'unknown'. The knight advises me when I speak...
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    Confusing story line thread - getting Grissenda before Adaon

    I started a new character and went straight to Grissenda instead of following the story plot. With Grissenda, I visited the mayors house in New Garand. Grissenda seemed to disappear for no noticeable reason while I killed all the guards in the underground jail. I chose not to free Adaon, and...
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    What does your forum user name mean?

    Out of interest, why did you choose the forum username you're using? Mines an old IRC name i came up with based on a story I wrote as a kid. I ended up naming my own company after it. Now it just helps people from other forums to recognise me. Has anyone else got an interesting story as to how...
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    Bug: Praetor Jenard - Syradrun Oasis, one conversation option not working

    If you ask Praetor Jenard for advice on how to kill the Mirmeks he doesn't give you any answer. The conversation option to ask for advice doesnt seem to connect to further dialogue.
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    Reputation rating +100 is off side of page - displays as +10

    Maybe the modifier amount can be displayed under the title, so instead of 'legendary hero (+100)' it would read as Legendary Hero (+100)
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    Possible new order to companions - open the door

    Such an option to tell the companion to open a door would stop ranged characters from being swarmed.
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    Icicle vs the fire dragon

    ...after making a flippant comment about charging the fire dragon with the long complex name, I actually did go give it a real slapping with the new sword, and yes - Icicle will tear the dragon to bits with my current build. The combination of lvl 3 in all four warrior special skills and a high...
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    How many days have pased for how many hours of play have you done?

    I'm at Day 522 after 83.33 hours of play. I'd imagine less days would have passed if I could use the mage enclaves to get around, but being a criminal means I can't :( How about everyone else? How many game days have passed relative to how many hours you've been playing?
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    Possible bug: Trap Master skill - option to disarm own trap doesn't work

    The option to disarm your own trap is given, but doesn't seem to do anything. Also, the trap then disappears at the end of the effect cool down period. Is this a bug? I'm not 100% certain, but the option of disarming is redundant if it doesnt work, I would think :)
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    Gold farming: Steel Coast (and Nilomar Cape) vs Jabal and the minotaurs

    Both have their positives and negatives - Jabal and the minotaurs are easier to farm due to the area being farmed for gold being a dungeon with set encounter locations, so a quicker journey with no searching, but farming the minotaurs usually requires a recall scroll to get back, and may not be...
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    Bug: Resetting traits resets advanced skill levels

    Reset my characters trait points in the warriors guild in NG and noticed that I had 12 unassigned skill points. Checked skills and discovered both of my advanced skills had been reset to level 0 too. All other skills okay, and was able to reassign the points back to the two skills.
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    Graphics update bug: New Garand house - weapons not displaying on character correctly

    When you change your companions weapons options the graphic representation doesnt update until you leave your house. For example, if you equip a companion with a 2h weapon when they were previously carrying a shield, they will still show as having a 1h weapon and shield until they leave the house.
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    Share your companions builds, and how they assist you

    Much in the same way that there is a thread on character builds, I believe it may be useful for players to share the way they have set up their companions too. I use all three companions, and have them set up for specialist roles. I play a tank character myself, so use my companions similar to...