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  1. Ahijah-Akeem

    Monk encounters

    Its been a while since I've had psycho monks attack me on the road. Where did they go? Mr. Knight who lost his honor and beggar man continue to stop me though...and orcs of course... I left aadon to rot in the cell, why is beggar still appearing...?
  2. Ahijah-Akeem

    Joining guilds

    Are there any advantages to joining a guild not related to your build? Say a warrior joining the thieves guild or a mage joining the warrior's, etc. Are there disadvantages?
  3. Ahijah-Akeem

    Ultimate weapon.

    In your opinion, what is the best weapon per class?
  4. Ahijah-Akeem

    The great library locked out

    I have completed the quest "forgotten lore" but dont have access to the other rooms. Is it because i joined a guild? I can get training and buy stuff but the guard says "this is for lore seekers only". I have "trusted" reputation with them...what am i missing?
  5. Ahijah-Akeem

    Ancient city

    I found the ancient city under the mine but never met the golum trader before. He speaks to me as though we already met. Is this a programming glitch?