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  1. VDX_360

    It was difficult, but I finished completing Hirge's quest at level 1

    The same concept applies to Hard mode. You just can't quick inside the dungeon so it adds a little more time to each try. Also, since the Skeletons are Level 3 and Level 10. You could Reach Level 3 without increasing the level of the skeletons. That would allow for a the time to acquire a few...
  2. VDX_360

    It was difficult, but I finished completing Hirge's quest at level 1

    This would be a great example of run-and-run-and-run that might be more time consuming than actual progressing the game, but you know... priorities. Sometimes you just want Hirge at Level 1. I did a test of how feasible this run was. I used Casual mode for a baseline. 1) Getting through the...
  3. VDX_360

    Trait points from Medical Bay?

    Tremadan's lost a lot of is influence. You could say he's a ghost of his former self....
  4. VDX_360

    Invisibility Potion Uses?

    You can. And they can give you a head start even if you get spotted. But that's a sneaky Rogue thing to do. The rest of us just blow up the room. The orcs might be burnt. The treasure will be fine.
  5. VDX_360

    Trait points from Medical Bay?

    Clearly it's not a for-profit healthcare service... the medical bay offers a CLEAR WARNING about the possible side-effects. That's awfully polite for an ancient machine. Must be Canadian. We will NOT compare to Elections of Certain World Powers to Muud'ari elections.... something about...
  6. VDX_360

    Invisibility Potion Uses?

    Die Hard Rogue's with a focus on hiding might have a more versatile use of Invisibility potion as a backup hiding skill. BUT.... Invisibility potions tend to be less useful for making a getaway than a wolf scroll etc... . Personal results may vary.
  7. VDX_360

    Cannot start "The Missing Missionary" quest.

    @RPGbestgurl , a bit of a necro post but I can tell you tried to find the answer before asking so let's see what we can do. It looks like you are confusing two different quests. The Missing Missionary is given in Icemist. It's amulet is "Brother Ladan's Holy Symbol" you find on a body in a...
  8. VDX_360

    Joke: Invisible Swamp Donkey Sightings

    The legend of the Invisible Swamp Donkey goes back years, but it's not part of the game and there's no drop. Humor is one thing.... Let's just go with this a joke post.
  9. VDX_360

    Bug Crashing

    Can you provide more information about your devices? Exact types, software versions and current amount of free memory? This MIGHT be related to a rare, but known, iOS bug. Something about an iOS update not wanting to play nice with independant games. It MIGHT be related to a limited amount of...
  10. VDX_360

    Question for the developers

    You try emailing David the Developer at [email protected], which is the publicly shared email for him. How and if he responds is totally up to him.
  11. VDX_360

    Shooting through walls cheese

    Known issue. It's so well known it's not really an exploit, so much as an obvious issue with projectile collisions.
  12. VDX_360

    Trait points from Medical Bay?

    @Asian_Eeyeez , Sorry to disappoint you but you can only get that trait point twice. The first one is just given to you, the second one comes with a pretty heavy toxic damage (several ways to survive it). Any effort after the third one just gives you toxic damage without a trait point. The note...
  13. VDX_360


    It might be your build or your strategy more so than your level. Rexadons are rather tough.
  14. VDX_360

    How to? Varannari owl figurine help.(Solved)

    As stated above, the red slash across the off-hand slot means you have a 2-H weapon equipped so the off-hand slot won't count. You can store things in it but not get benefits. Off-hand slot can be shields, off-hand weapons, orbs, totems etc.
  15. VDX_360

    Orbs of Galade- Did not get 2nd Orb

    What does your quest log say? The Demonic Spider is an unique enemy so it shouldn't respawn once beaten. The Orbs have 100% chance to drop so it should have dropped. The Orbs are quest protected so a warning should have popped up if you missed it. IF you have a save before fighting the...
  16. VDX_360

    Infinite Ork In Prisoner of Orks

    Not a bug, a known hiccup with the quest. The dialogue box doesn't have a check to see if you've already got ambushed. There's a similar infinite same response in a few other places where you can just keep asking the same conversation ending question. It's sort of an exploit, but given the...
  17. VDX_360

    Outstanding apprentice

    Does Darto's Ring have quest item protection? I think it lacks that so you could have sold it.... If it has quest item protection, you couldn't have sold it, so check your storage to see if it's tucked away somewhere. If it's truly gone, you can still complete the main quest, you just can't...
  18. VDX_360

    Boat trips are mostly pointless

    That's a very worthy idea. Not sure how the coding would work given the Rest = Saving nature of the game. Boat trips became less useful over the course of the game's design. The in-game time passage is quite long so it can hurt time constraints for time sensitive Town Hall Quests. The cost of...
  19. VDX_360

    Random Encounter - Very Confused

    As stated above, that sounds like you stumbled across a random encounter of the mercenary-for-hire. They'll attack monsters near them, and sometimes die, even before you talk to them. The combat log can tell you how it went. The mercenaries have randomly generated names rather an a generic title.
  20. VDX_360

    Skeletal bow should cost more

    Hey, people just a reminder that having a passionate debate is okay, drifting into personal attacks is not. The issue between Damage-Per-Second, Damage-Per-Hit and Actual Damage is well known and common to all games. The Wiki and the game list Damage Per Hit and Damage Per Second as that's a...