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    how to farm ring of unlife?

    I want to farm it for my warrior, the wiki says "lich", so aside from rumor liches, how many fixed liches who are able to drop that ring in total? I've already killed these named liches: Desecrated Ruins mausoleum forgotten temple sewer of horrors thanks a lot
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    Hirge is OP

    I am grateful, this is the best mobile RPG I ever played. I know EK is finished....just assume that there is a possibility... 30HP potion = 100 gold 90HP potion = 500+ gold Hirge can heal tons of HP FOR FREE more over, Deepfrost cognac + Hirge = 135HP = less than 50gold omelette + Hirge = ...
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    need advices for my Warrior

    current status: level 21 Warrior (hard) 1h + shield skills: Resilience 2 Cleave 1 Fury 1 Shield Expert 3 advanced skills: duel 3 flurry 3 Precision Strikes 3 Massive Criticals 3 Heavyhand 2 Body Development 2 Infantry Training 2 so there is only one available advanced slot, I'm...
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    infantry training II bugged?

    It worked very well for a short period, but my hero is stunable now. I don't remember when, probably right after I picked up Tol's crown, but I'm not sure...
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    I have INT 4, why does Tol kill me?

    I don't want to kill Bishop I have base INT3 plus ring of unlife+1 , total=4 help................
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    Newb Questions

    Hi everyone, I am a pretty new player, My two heros are lv22 rogue (normal) and lv10 Cleric (hard). I've read many posts, but still need some help...sorry for my stupid questions if you have answered them elsewhere before.. Q1: The wiki says: ==========================================...
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    "register now" button doesn't work

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, so glad to find this game, I want to buy the full version, but when I tap "register NOW", it doesn't response. (that page vanished and I went back to main menu) is it a known issue? Can I buy the PC version on steam, then export the save to a file, and restore the...