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    Paralysis OP

    Indeed, the next update will include a faster leveling system, it'll nerf the most annoying enemies in the game and it'll have a new mode that's easier then casual. Seems like a lot of the things that some people have complained about are getting changed. Does this also include the Carrion Lord...
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    HELP - I lost the key to the quest "key to the past"

    The Mysterious Key shouldn't be able to disappear since it's a quest item and those are not droppable or sellable. Are you sure you haven't put it in a vault or chest somewhere? Also, what exactly does your questlog for the "key to the past" quest say?
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    Help with cleric

    Well, the main build issue that I see is that you use a bluesteel dagger instead of a good hammer or mace. Although since you seem to be going for AGI instead of STR, it might be tough to find a good weapon early on. Since most early cleric weapons are 1h or 2h, there are very few light options...
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    extra recovery's required skill points after reseting skill points

    Not true, it used to be long ago that the first tier costs 3 skill points and the second tier costs 5 skill points. However, this was too expensive so David lowered the second tier so it would also cost 3 skill points. But it was never lower then 3 skill points so you were probably just...
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    Suggestions for New Advanced Skills

    First of all, before I dive into the main discussion of your proposed skills, I first want to say a few things about implementing these kind of changes in the current version of the game. Since the base of the game is finished already, I don't think we should expect anymore radical changes that...
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    Wiki factions missing a faction

    The missing towns have been added to the list. Only their flags still need to be added later. If you want to post in the correct place, in the future you could post your wiki corrections to the wiki corrections thread.
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    Report here old items that may need to be updated

    The description for Magical training mentions the ability to use wands but it doesn't make it possible to use any wands only scrolls. I'll update the wiki page for this to add in the notes that it doesn't give the ability to use wands.
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    I may have ducked myself up

    If you are at -40 with both then reputation shouldn't be the issue. And the Conjurer in the icemist Fjord is indeed the correct one. Did you kill any of the knights standing next to the Conjurer? Since if you have the gold and the orb, the dialog option should appear? Can you show me some...
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    I may have ducked myself up

    After fighting Janod the Conjurer near Icemist should offer you the option to give the orb and 10k gold to get back in good grace with the wizard guild. If that option doesn't appear there are two possible reasons for it: - You lost even more reputation with Thuram and the Conjurer doesn't...
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    Accessing Grey Library

    Welcome to the forum There are two ways you can deal with this situation: - If you want to do it the peaceful way you can go and help the Golden hand to get back in their good books. You'll need to find 2 of the hidden necromancy tomes that are scattered around from the "Secrets of the dead"...
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    The princess of the sea - question

    Actually, since David kept it very vague in his description, the batrax don't even have to be the children of the hero in Exiled Kingdoms or the princess of the batrax. Just some random adventurer with some random batrax. That way the lore is still consistent even when your character was female...
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    Is Muudari's warning true? : experiment report (spoiler!)

    You forgot one thing though. Your character already used the enhancement at least twice in a decade, which could have messed up things so badly that it couldn't reset anymore after a decade. To test this cleanly you have to only use the enhancement once, then wait a decade before trying it the...
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    How many tries do I need for Ironman Archer?

    One try less then I guessed. Though my guess was still the closest of them all. Now time to throw that ironman character in the Sewers of Horror?
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    Golem Level it is not correct

    I just checked my game in all the different languages and this issue is only in the Spanish version. I suspect it's just a mistake from one of the translators.
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    That looks amazing already! But I wonder what that creature walking in the distance is?
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    About solo campaign

    Actually there are 5, a mad wizard is also impossible. But you won't miss out on too much. Some good weapons like the Scimitar of the Wolf, Midnight and the Silver Bow of Malan, but nothing important. The game will just be a lot harder and you'll need more potions to survive it all.
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    You choose which of these Factions ? [dilemma to finish some quest]

    Most of those choices are more of a choice between doing the morally right thing vs getting advantages. In the golden hand vs loreseekers debate, the loreseekers are certainly storywise the correct choice, they would use their knowledge for good and helping others with some small benefits like...
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    [Bug] Quest becomes stuck "A Web of Terror"

    This is a known issue. Running away from some boss fights that are triggered by dialog will permanently despawn the boss. This is also in some other quests like The Prodigal Daughter. I guess lorewise it would kinda make a bit of sense that Sargon doesn't just stand waiting there after you saw...
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    I killed the Lord of the Pit and Greater Demon

    Actually, that isn't the fire crystal you can get from Tremadans tower, because you can't wear that and it doesn't give any benefits. What Argarath is actually wearing is the Flame Pendant that you get from killing the flame prophet. This amulet is is a very strong item since it gives the best...
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    The BIG debate question [$poilers]

    Unfortunately since you never learned what the truth behind your history is, there is no way to peacefully convince everyone in this cult not to destroy the entire world. But there is some good news too, since you enjoy chopping so much, why not enjoy the pleasure of chopping up the biggest...