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    Ironman mage completion

    After a lot of stress and near death encounters I finally completed my ironman mage run. I lost my Ankh early in the game while doing the Mausoleum, so every wrong move could have been my last. The dragon mountains were really scary. Those exploding goblins deal a ton of damage and they have...
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    Sand vermin no popup

    I just noticed that while completing Sand Vermin with my ironman mage, I didn't get a popup that the journal entry changed after smashing all the eggsacks and killing the queen. Even though my journal entry did change and I had fully completed the mission.
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    Toughest fight in the Exiled kingdoms

    After long preparing myself with a new character I managed to lay the unweakened Undermother to rest. It went surprisingly a lot easier then I expected, I was so overprepared I only needed to use a handful of medipacks and a few mana potions. Not even a single one of my lesser potions of...
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    Stuck with Datapad

    I just saw the Neutral ending for the first time since I forgot to take my Datapad out of my bag of holding and couldn't take it out anymore until it was too late. However after blowing up the Gate, I noticed that my Datapad didn't get removed. Since it's a quest item I wasn't able to drop or...
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    Why can clerics wield the ark sword?

    I just noticed that my cleric can wield a Nanocarbon sword too. I guess I always overlooked that part and just assumed it was a warriors only weapon. But I'm very confused why clerics would be the ones who are able to wield the sword next to warriors. If you look at the wiki, when weapons can...
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    Undermother in the timeline (spoilers)

    I noticed that when you try to fight the Undermother she says the following line to intimidate you: "When your Empire was still young, I was laying my eggs in the corpses of dragons." This is a very badass line, but also made me think. Since the Undermother grew so strong because she has a...
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    No lost reputation for failure town hall quests

    When checking how much reputation you lose when you fail a town hall quests (for potentially creating a character that is hated in all the kingdoms) I noticed a strange bug. If I do nothing but sleep in the inn of the town I got the quest until the time runs out, I don't actually lose any...
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    Impact after completing Call of the blood

    I know that the game is completed already and that changes won't happen anymore. This is just something I was thinking about which would be pretty nice but not really needed. I love seeing how my actions impact the world around me. And this game has a few of those situations that really caused...
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    [Challenge] Race to the tower

    Nedes Jabru is a normal rogue who is very excited about his inheritance. He wants to reach it as soon as possible and nothing is going to slow him down. He'll even put himself in danger if it means getting faster to it. The rules of the challenge are simple. You create a new character (any...
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    Outsmarting David (spoilers)

    DISCLAIMER First I want to clarify that this isn't about cheating, tampering or exploiting the game mechanics so it is within the forum rules. I'm not looking for any bugs or glitches to advance myself. This is merely about testing the limits of the game. Make something idiot-proof, and life...
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    Castle Bluerock shelf bug

    I got a weird bug with my newest character in Bluerock castle. When checked the shelf to get one of the necromancy tomes, I got some generic chest opening instead. Revisiting the map later didn't help. I'm sure I didn't get the tome before, since I hadn't visited that part of Bluerock...
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    Elemental damage doesn't stack

    I noticed something weird about offhand weapons. When the elemental damage of the weapon matches with the elemental damage of the offhand weapon it deals them as seperate values. For example, Adaon equiped with deathclaw would deal your melee damage, then 3 death damage and then another 3 death...
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    [Challenge] The honorable mage

    Rygal Deros is a ironman mage with an unique mindset. His believe is that killing from a distance is not a fair fight and every battle should be fought up close. His lonely journey to save the world will not be easy. The rules for this challenge are simple. You create a new mage character and...
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    Remove Bayimg

    David, can you remove "Bayimg" from the recommended image hosting sites? When I follow the link I get hit with a virus, so I think it's best to remove it so nobody else without good virus protection gets hit by it.
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    The true nature of the shadows

    Most of you that have played the game will probably think this question has an easy answer. After all, the shadows are explained in the game. They were the minions of the witches of Orogg, sealed away by one of the three in that mountain forever. That's why they are only found around that...
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    Evil ending no questlog

    I checked on my evil ending save file and noticed something strange. After killing Lady Calenda the "Ark of Lothassan" quest text becomes completely empty. Of course, it's very rare that someone checks their quest log at that point, but it still strikes me as odd since I never saw something like...
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    Evil ending didn't count as beating the game

    So I finally went around to completing the game on hard. I decided to combine it with getting another achievement I didn't get yet, the one for getting the evil ending. However after dying a lot and fighting through the entire game and finally winning the very tough fights that the evil ending...
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    Secret achievement *spoiler for achievements*

    After discovering that the remaining secret achievements are all donation ones I donated twice. Supporter II worked great but Supporter III didn't trigger. I tried donating again but no succes. Giving a higher number didn't work either. While I don't mind paying a little to support the game and...
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    Proof that Hirge is holy

    I hear that some people are doubting that Hirge is the mighty holy saviour of the Exiled Kingdoms. They believe in their fake gods or think that she is too young to purge these lands from evil. They would only believe it if they see her do a miracle instead of the common spells that clerics of...
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    Dissapointed with loot *spoilers for new update*

    While the new update gives a lot of great new loot, there is one enemy I expected a bit better loot from. The King of Korne. This is a level 23 boss, one of the strongest beings in the game who is surrounded by strong allies, and he only drops a tome and a circle of restoration? That's really...