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    Paralysis immunity?

    So, I was wondering if its actually possible for paralysis to be negate. I just figure that since infantry training halves the paralysis duration, as well as stun immunity attribute, maybe if you combine them then you're completely immune to paralysis? I think it would work since they are...
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    Trait mechanics

    I know that this was brought already somewhere here, but I have an important question. Does bonus stats from equipments such as endurance can be used to cover requirements to learn skills? Skills such as Battlerage that needs 4 endurance. Like for example, if I only have 2 endurance trait...
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    Ironman Beaten?

    Anyone have beaten the game on ironman yet? Or does anyone dare to take the challenge?
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    Rumor boss journal bug

    I went to a tavern in New Garand and drink for a while when I got a rumor of a Green Dragon and another rumor boss, I forgot the second one. Anyways I got an info that the Green Dragon was on Thyr Ridges, while the second one was somewher on eastern wildlands. I kept drinking until I get some...
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    Bloodlust skill trouble

    I'm playing an archer class and wanted bloodlust skill to add on my passives, however when i learned the skill it doesn't work. A reddish aura should appear on my character if i kill an enemy so i know that it works, but it doesn't appear whenever i kill one. I don't know if this is a glitch or...
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    Erebus RPG and Flare RPG

    I was browsing other rpg games and i came accross this game called Erebus RPG, idk if you're aware of this David but this game has an actual exiled kingdom contents on it. One of player in review even mention that it's indeed a rip-off of EK. Mod note: Thread titled to avoid disparaging statement.
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    Map 100% complete expected time.

    This is a serious question for david coming from me. How long or how many update will it takes till the map is completely done? I haven't really played the new update and planning to play the game if the map is 100% completed. I wasn't trying to rush you or your stuff, but can you give me...
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    Share your favorite musics here.

    Here are some of my music that I listen all the time. I Only put some of my most favorite music based on genre. Punk music: Flogging Molly- "Drunken Lullubies" Goldfinger- "Spokesman" Rap Music: Muska beatz- "I'm a Star" Muzka beatz- "Body Rock"...
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    No mage class yet? D:

    So this update doesn't have the mage class? Or is it because its in test version thats why it doesn' t have it yet? I'm one of the testers by the way :D
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    Combining advance skills

    Why is some advance skills only available for certain class? Why can't it be just for everyone? For instance I'm thinking of teaching my archer Magical training so that I can use spells required with mana and combining it with Summon Wolf so that my archer is a beastlord. This way I have more...
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    Clear>exit dungeon>quicksave>reset dungeon.

    I don't know if this is a bug, but happened to me twice, probably there's a reason for this. The problem is whenever i cleared the dungeon monsters inside and go out to quicksave so that i could load again whenever i die. But when i die inside and reload my quicksave with monsters cleared...
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    Companion advance skills

    Is it possible to teach your companion an advance skills? I mean NPCs with forget traits and skills have an option where you can forget your companions advance skills but I can't even get them to learn advance skills.
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    Past shifts faster than present.

    Look at how my quicksave data's time is advance than my actual game time.
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    Message in the bottle: Midnight sunlight

    I don't think its a big deal to point this out, but I just took this quest while at midnight. And when I save this Leafstrike kid, he covered his eyes from sunlight in midnight. This is might not really a big deal to me, but it just broke the law of physics. So I don't know if this needs to be...
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    A question about holy element.

    I understand that holy element lessens the chance for you to be stunned or paralyze by an enemy, but how does it for a weapon? Does it prevent you from being stun/paralyze or does it stun/paralyze the enemy? Weapon like Sonnet from Nightwalker.
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    Magical runes are for dummies?

    I'm going straight to the point, i have no idea in magical runes that can open portals. Take the mission "Poisoned River" quest for example, i think it will be impossible for me to finish this quest without me looking at the wiki quest guide. Now is there anyone here who is able to finish this...
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    Goldenhand conjurer was murdered!

    The conjurer in grey library doesn't treat me well even i didn't do anything to him, so i put him on his place you know? But is he important for future quests? Like does it affect me in the future if I taught him a lesson?
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    Hole in Jabal Mountain

    There is hole in the mountain of Jabal Hills that you can walk through. It's located near tremdan's tower. Just walk in mountain walls before you reach the path towards the tower. I'm trying to upload my screenshot here but its too big, maybe someone could post the image here if you're able.
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    Item drops was destined.

    Is it just me or the item drops from enemies when you die and reencounter them were the same? Even on rumor bosses, I want to get certain item from them but it just doesn't reset even if I go out and in again to attempt 'reset drop' from those bosses. I just hope that drops from enemies resets...
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    More unique weapon request

    I really think the game need more weapon than those in wiki. I think the weapon stats dropped by enemies should be random, such as bow with gossip attribute, bow with detection, or a rare drop with 2 attributes like wisdom+holy. That goes the same for armor too, with random attributes drop or...