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    Rumor Boss Lich in Mausoleam; Tolassian Tome spawns in chest?

    Not entirely sure if I maybe just somehow missed the Tome in the chest in the Mausoleum when I first did the dungeon way back when, but I don't *think* I missed it. So I got a Rumor Boss Lich which spawned in the Mausoleum, went and killed him, then decided I might as well clean out the rest of...
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    Suggestion: Ultra-high level Town Hall Quests/Rumor Bosses

    I think once you finish all the main quests, you pretty much have Townhall Quests and Rumor Bosses, other than re-grinding dungeons. Maybe it would be nice if once your character reaches level 20 or so, Townhall Quests and Rumor bosses are ramped up to be more of a challenge. It's not much of a...
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    Suggestion for possible future technical update

    Any chance the Flaming Warhammer can get a different icon than the Spirit Breaker? I have Hirge using them both and when they're in Quick Slots I can't tell which is which.
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    Lvl 25 Warrior (2nd time through) just finished the Sewers

    OK, so I had a lvl 26 Warrior and got myself in over my head with the Sewer of Horrors; no healing potions, omeletes, or recoveries facing the Elemental Plane of Fire. Couldn't make it to the exit, no matter how many times I tried. So I had to reload from an earlier save, level 24 Warrior...
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    Trait checks

    OK, I think I know the answer to this, but just double-checking; in-game trait checks can be passed with equipment enhancements, but learning advanced skills require "pure" trait scores, correct?
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    Does Duel work with all enemies being hit by a Warrior who has Cleave?

    Well, the question's right there in the title. Also, can Whirlwind count as the first o fthe consecutive blows that trigger Duel?
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    Lvl 25, Ark quest active, but no Greyune encounter at Icemist?

    What am I missing?
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    Triggering latest quests?

    OK, so I know the latest update is supposed to have companion quests and some new areas. Awesome! But I went to Port Malan and no one there had anything to say. I usually travel with Hirge but sent her away and got Gris back so I could hopefully do her quest. Had about 6 road encounters (4 of...
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    Summoned creatures don't follow when using teleport in Sunken Citadel

    OK, when using the obelisk outside of New Garand to go back and farm Sunken Citadel, there is of course an Ashen Oracle and then a room with an Ashen Minotaur and the glyph that teleports you past the barrier into the Sunken Citadel's main area. I find that my summoned creatures don't make the...
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    Teleport Scroll used outside of Mount Orogg: "Spell failed"

    This happened once with my Rogue; went outside from Mount Orogg and used a teleport scroll and I got a "The Spell Failed!" message. Is that supposed to be possible (possible fail chance with scrolls in general)?
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    On the newest update (so far)

    I've just updated to the latest version and I was a little stymied for a bit because I had just rested my Mage prior to updating so I felt no need to rest again but the new content seems like it only gets triggered after a full rest. Don't know if that's a bug or what, but I could have wandered...
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    Thoughts on late-game Mage, the Ark, and the SOH

    I never thought I'd say this about the Ark, but I feel like it was almost TOO easy. My Warrior struggled with it, the Rogue had a bit of an easier time, but then the Mage pretty much breezed through it. For reference, all three character builds were at level 24 before entering the Ark. My Mage...
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    Town Hall quest - target not showing up right away?

    I recently took on a bunch of Town Hall quests; kind of challenging myself to get multiple ones done in a round trip, but of course I need to know where the targets are first. So I listen for rumors and one of my targets was in "New Garand Farmlands" but didn't specify where. I figure, OK, there...
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    Summoner-enhanced creature stats?

    Just curious as to what my Level 18 Iron Golem's stats would be like, since the Wiki only lists for a level 15 Iron Golem. Is there a formula for calculating a per-level increase in stats?
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    Reset my Mage's build, now she's like the Angel of Death

    I actually just reset the skills, not the traits. So now: LVL 20 Strength 1, Endurance 1 (2 with Ring of Unlife), Agility 6, Intellect 6 (8 with Girdle of Supreme Intellect), Awareness 3 (5 with Amulet of Dark Whispers), Personality 4 Skills: Lightning Bolt IV, Fireball IV, Staff Mastery IV...
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    Vigilant Knight idea

    Currently the Vigilant Knight pops up and challenges you and you can fight him to kill him or spare him or tell him you'll go the other way, and that's it. You get a rep boost if you spare him, but what if when you spare him he offers to join you as a hireling, kind of a higher-level than usual...
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    Does Arcanist reduce Arcane I wands and staves to zero mana cost?

    Well, the question is in the title, I guess!
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    "Secrets of the Dead" quest log suggestion

    I think it would be helpful if the quest log kept track of the titles of the books you've already found and turned in (especially for those of us who resort to using the Wiki quest guide). I keep forgetting which ones I found already!
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    David, a general suggestion about EK...

    ... if you haven't already, is there some way you can prompt gaming sites like,, to review EK on mobile and PC? Might boost sales even more, right?
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    Thoughts on Arcane wands/staves and hired mercs

    I'm not a big fan of the Arcane attribute of wands and staves; I feel like the single-hit damage and DPS on most of them is not so much higher than those which are not arcane, so I pretty much only keep a Wand of Scorching around in case I run into trolls, but really get the most use out of...