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  1. DavidBVal

    The gate in the quest sewer of horrors doesn't open

    Please note the five levers marked with number 6:
  2. DavidBVal

    Janod missing and -40 Thuram Rep

    Well, it definitely should work. Unless you killed many guards and your Thuram reputation went to -100. If you didn't kill anybody else, please go near icemist with both the orb and money, save the game and export to a file, then email me the EK.bak file to [email protected] I'll give...
  3. DavidBVal

    Dissapointed with loot *spoilers for new update*

    He'll be respawned on next update and with new loot. Edit: missed your lock VDX, but now it's more appropiate than ever ;)
  4. DavidBVal

    [Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

    As of today the update is about 70% complete, sorry once again for not posting much!
  5. DavidBVal

    Bug in mysterious letter quest

    This happens only with certain pirated or cheated versions of the game, or with edited saved games, typically on Android. It does not happen with the official version from Play Store.
  6. DavidBVal

    Janod missing and -40 Thuram Rep

    I just deleted your duplicated thread. The only way to go hostile with Janod is by dialogue choices clearly reflecting a violent response to a social situation. You need to reload a previous saved game if you want the conversation with janod to go differently.
  7. DavidBVal

    How many quests and areas in free version?

    I don't keep a complete list but I counted them when I wrote up that description (both areas and completable quests) so I am certain the figures are correct.
  8. DavidBVal

    Mage - No Crits with Elemental only Weapons?

    I think elemental damage does not crit. I will check the code the next time I go through damage for some reason, but it is what I remember, yeah.
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    Moved thread.
  10. DavidBVal

    Castle Bluerock

    Potions of Armor and Potions of Speed can certainly make a big difference...
  11. DavidBVal

    Writing DND 5e home-brew setting based on EK

    Ah true about domain spell. Maybe the solution would be a lower-level version of Flame Strike, level 2 or so.
  12. DavidBVal

    Writing DND 5e home-brew setting based on EK

    Hmmm nice job but I believe the domain spells may be too strong. Also isn't Hold Person already a lvl 2 cleric spell? Later on I'll move this to the "RPGs life and everything" subforum.
  13. DavidBVal

    Unable to learn New Skill

    please show us a screenshot of your current character skills.
  14. DavidBVal

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    It is planned as a single-player experience, being party based and also turn-based maybe we can consider solutions similar to what Divinity:Original Sin did regarding multiplayer, but definitely not at this stage of development.
  15. DavidBVal

    New Garand Town hall quests not giving reputation

    Regarding TH quests... it's not something I feel particularly inclined to expand right now. Similar to mercenaries, the game simply evolved in a different direction. Not saying that I'll never improve those things, but certainly not in this update.
  16. DavidBVal

    New Garand Town hall quests not giving reputation

    Not a bug, you can't become the greatest hero in the world just by doing little jobs. Probably the info should be in-game somwehre, though.
  17. DavidBVal

    Early game mage

    Probably what will make it easier is Wand Mastery (And obviously pick wands), Lightning Bolt and Mage Armor. Oh, and make sure to have a Grissenda in your life.
  18. DavidBVal

    Nákup plné verze hry

    You can buy a Play Store Gift Card, they sell them everywhere (gas stations, malls, etc)
  19. DavidBVal

    mage barrier glitch

    Fixed for next update. This could be problematic with all dialogues in which you receive damage, since the source in those cases is yourself. Now a Barrier can never hurt its caster.
  20. DavidBVal

    mage barrier glitch

    Hmmm maybe you hurt yourself, and that starts a loop with your barrier which also hurts yourself, etc. I'll look into it.