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  1. Artemprid


    I know that in irazgul dungeon there is statue that needs 2 awarness but on my character i have 5 intellect that equal to 2 awarness but cant see the lever on statue. So need to take adaon. What i do wrong why i cant see lever on my own?
  2. Artemprid

    AI acting

    I want to ask if gresinda will use battle rage when stunned and adaon use invisibility and stab back,because dont want waste skill points. Thanks.
  3. Artemprid

    AI acting

    I have question about how ai using their skills in game. I am newbie 11 lvl mahe and want to do gresinda battle rage and notice that it can be turned of if she already stuned. Will she turn it if can? And for example adaon will he use invisibility in action and stab in back, asking because want...