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  1. Alan_SP

    Problem in purchasing full license

    Thanks for email, developer (DavidBVal) will surely answer to your email and see what can be done about your purchase, don't worry.
  2. Alan_SP

    Next update

    Maybe they refer to Archaelund, next project on which developer works (that probably would be in that time frame, i.e. around October). Work on EK is at the moment only for technical support, i.e. critical bugs etc.
  3. Alan_SP

    Problem in purchasing full license

    Sorry, not sure from what you have said what is a problem? Full version allows access to higher levels, not that "everything" becomes different.
  4. Alan_SP

    Недоработки игры.

    From what google translated: The game is interesting and quite playable. Primeval graphics do not spoil the game, but even on the contrary add special charm to it. And it is spoiled by some shortcomings, which are plentiful. For example, poorly developed classes, such as the Dodger (archer) and...
  5. Alan_SP

    Avatars gallery for you to choose your bright new avatars

    We enabled some preloaded avatar images for you to choose from. You just need to go and change your avatar. Click on your name anywhere you see it, then click on "edit" over avatar, then choose one avatar you like. Or, upload your own, if you prefer so.
  6. Alan_SP

    Companion stays dead

    Not sure, I'm not that into facebook. But, you sure can try and see what happens. And, from what I know, posting videos to youtube or vimeo is free? Is it not anymore? Not sure about what "cash in on youtube" you're talking about.
  7. Alan_SP

    Companion stays dead

    Of course, post image to your favorite image hosting site and post here this image using image BBcode and direct link to this image. This works without problems. Or, depending on site you'll use for posting image, you can copy and paste image, as editor we use is WYSIWYG, so it will copy image...
  8. Alan_SP

    Whats the deal with Stridsibum?

    In wiki you have this on lore. But, there's also a lot of info on lore through many forum threads, but you need to search for them.
  9. Alan_SP

    Companion stays dead

    Post video on your favorite site for videos (YouTube, Vimeo...) and copy here only link to that video. We don't have server resources for holding and serving videos, but keeping videos on third party services and posting here links to them works great.
  10. Alan_SP

    Cant restore my purchase

    Save files are same on all platforms and only thing for you to do, you need to export to file, transfer it to target device and then import.
  11. Alan_SP

    Cannot back up game saves to cloud anymore, contact developer message

    You can also check this thread:
  12. Alan_SP

    Game crashing at random parts of the game (IOS)

    Sorry to inform you, even if David wrote you can restore purchase (he probably just read it over that you want to transfer from iOS to Android), it works only if you stay within same platform. To play on Android, you need to purchase it for Android (and vice versa, of course). Each platform is...
  13. Alan_SP

    Isnt it kinda unfair that trapped enemies regenerate why I suffer(Archer)

    This was intentional as before enemies could get stuck and killed easily. Even the mightiest of them. Hence this. And this happens to all classes, not just ranged ones.
  14. Alan_SP

    Turkish language

    Thanks for your interest in helping EK community and game in general. About translation, there's procedure how to become translator described here: Please read first post and ask to join translators.
  15. Alan_SP

    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    Did you edited any wiki page, or created content in any way? We deleted inactive users in one moment because spammers used wiki too much and closed registration. If you didn't contributed, you were considered by software inactive and automatically deleted.
  16. Alan_SP

    Forum is upgraded from phpBB to XenForo - please report if you have any problems here

    As you can see, we are now on new forum software, which some of you maybe recognize as XenForo. Before we used phpBB, but XenForo is in our opinion more superior forum software, with many new options that phpBB as a free software doesn't have. Maybe most important is full mobile support. In...
  17. Alan_SP

    Website down (and recent slowdowns)

    For testing purposes, we turned off https protocol back to http and we force http. It may cause many errors here and with wiki. If you have problems like this, please clear your cache. Problem is that in your cache you still have https information, and we force http.
  18. Alan_SP

    Character progression reset after exporting save

    I experienced some thing when I edited save game files. Of course, discussing how to cheat is against rules, so I want go in details. Otherwise, when I didn't edited files (or edited with more sense), there was no reseting. Everything worked just fine. I don't claim you edited files, just say...
  19. Alan_SP

    What triggers a dungeon to respawn?

    12 hours of in-game time resets dungeon.
  20. Alan_SP

    I have several doubts, I am new

    It's more rounded number, 100 to be exact. :D