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  1. VDX_360

    Ghouls in the sewer

    IF that doesn't work, a few levels and some slight upgrades in equipment will make it a lot easier.
  2. VDX_360

    Ghouls in the sewer

    The ghoul ambush that's part of the quest Where Did I Put My Sword? is an abrupt step-up in difficult simply due to the way they swarm you. At early levels, it can be a pain. Here's some tips: 1) Have a companion. Griss outperforms Adaon here at low levels. 2) Use a Summon. A simple summon wolf...
  3. VDX_360


    The Wiki is accurate on this point. The game has three companions. It's unlikely to have any more added in future updates. But that's subject to change, like everything else.
  4. VDX_360

    A question on Exiled Kingdoms completion.

    Not quite! In the full game, there's almost 50 world maps, 15 cities, and more than 50 dungeons (depending on what you count as a dungeon / map). And there's more planned in a coming update due sometime this summer (deadlines are estimates). But, as of now, Freeport, Liberty and the Orc...
  5. VDX_360

    Trail and Error - can I come back later for the Telescope

    If you need Adaon to get past the statue door. See here for details. Each Companion has a side-quest that allows them to get more powerful, but requires that Companion to complete. So while you need Adaon to fully access the Obsservatory, Hirge is required to gain access to the pit via her own...
  6. VDX_360

    glitch with 'A Mad Wizard'

    @Drunk3nSmilez, moved to support. This sounds like it can be lumped in with the general category of closing the game mid-dialogue or during quest updating. That can cause rare, and sometimes unpredictable issues with quest states. The easiest fix is a back up save file. Other fixes involve...
  7. VDX_360

    Writing DND 5e home-brew setting based on EK

    Moved! Looks like the original poster put a lot of work into the idea.
  8. VDX_360

    отсылки к возвращению в андорию (references to the return to andoria)

    Those are references to the developer's next game, "Archaelund." That game involves the return to Andoria. Click here for more.
  9. VDX_360

    Trap damage calculation?

    Investing in trap detection / trap disarm might be helpful. Either through the range of gear that offers detection, or the trap skills. In areas you know there are dangerous traps, Scrolls of Detection can be useful. Best trap detection tip: Go slow in areas you know there's traps. Going slow...
  10. VDX_360

    Trap damage calculation?

    Oh, and the Combat log will record the trap level when you spot it, when you disarm it, or when it deals you damage. That might help you sort out trap information. Bluerock Castle, being a bandit stronghold, has one of the more notable increases in trap difficulty. It's the place that will...
  11. VDX_360

    Trap damage calculation?

    Per the Wiki, Spike traps cause damage at 8pts per trap level, and bear traps are much less at 4pts per trap level. Keep in mind that several dungeons have a cluster of traps that are much higher than the other traps in the area, thus you might find yourself with a hard-to-spot, and quite...
  12. VDX_360

    Unable to learn New Skill

    Per your screen shot, it looks like you've learned it???? Can you tap on the heavy-hand icon in your skills area? (like you have whirlwind in the screen shot).
  13. VDX_360

    Are ruined dragoon boots removed from the game?

    To prevent exploits, chests don't change their contents if you save-than-load a game. Staying at an inn re-sets the map and re-rolls for chests. Those boots can be tricky to get, but have been obtained by thousands and thousands of players. It's quite possibly you just got unlucky---insanely...
  14. VDX_360

    Unable to learn New Skill

    That is odd. It seems like either you've already learned it, or something has gotten corrupted in your game file??? The most common issue with Bloodlust is your character has to land the killing blow for it to trigger, not your Companion or summon. When it's triggered you get the red lines from...
  15. VDX_360

    Unable to learn New Skill

    How many Advanced Skills do you have? The limit is 8 and if you try to learn a 9th skill, the buy icon stays grey even if you have enough gold. If you have less than 8 skills, than it might be an odd hiccup. Try staying at an inn for 12 hours to re-set the game maps. It shouldn't have...
  16. VDX_360

    A Trap Question

    I just checked. The traps right in front of Blue Rock were Level 18, 19 and 20. That was for a Level 20 character but I don't think the traps scale with level?. The traps in that map are higher than a lot of traps you'll find up to that point. It's the fortress for bandits so makes sense. Do...
  17. VDX_360

    Number of Advanced Skills Slot

    A 12-hour stay at an inn re-sets all the game maps (dungeons, towns, etc), which re-loads NPC's, updates maps with quest stuff (if appropriate). That tends to re-solve a lot of issues associated with maps needing to re-set. It shouldn't do anything with the skill. One-off hiccups do happen so...
  18. VDX_360

    Number of Advanced Skills Slot

    That seems very odd. I just checked with a few different characters, and all of them can learn up to 8 advanced skills. So let's sort this out. 1) Are you SURE your skill is getting replaced and not simply re-arranged? When you learn advanced skills, they don't pop into the slots in the order...
  19. VDX_360

    My Take on the Companion Update of Grissenda and Adaon [BIG SPOILER]

    Hey, it's great to see a healthy dialogue of the game world but this thread started three years ago right after a major update. So a necro comment can cause some confusion as there's another major update pending for this summer (or next summer, or the summer after that, we all know have the...
  20. VDX_360

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    The challenge with keeping the Broken Crown is getting locked into death protection. Sure, it makes a lot of ghost / undead a breeze but rather screws you for bolt and fire damage, which play a huge role in the last two areas of the game (Arc / Sewer of Horrors). The Paladin's Longsword would...