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  1. magusandre

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    como q você upou pro nivel 54? eu não tou conseguindo sair nem do nivel 24 1604230393 I just finished the game 90/90, changed my skills, final build... i need tip where to lvl up fast my level
  2. magusandre

    Missing quest (89/90)

    thx, I've already finished these missions 1604228224 i found the last mission, Prisoner of Orcs, in Southern bluemist river
  3. magusandre

    Missing quest (89/90)

    anyone can help me? how i can find the last mission i have missed in game? i completed all primary missions in the game, i need 1 more side quest, but i dont know how i can find it
  4. magusandre

    Game glitch in final room of arc

    close the ticket i will make new character thx
  5. magusandre

    Game glitch in final room of arc

    1) android 2) last version 3) nothing i have paid for it 4) bro it was very difficult for me to get to this place, I don't think I will be able to do it again, I was watching it on YouTube and I saw a video saying that I can't have a good ending because I didn't kill NPC Valeran, which is on the...
  6. magusandre

    Game glitch in final room of arc

    IM STUCK HERE, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, I SAW ON YOUTUBE AND IT HAPPENS A CONVERSATION, WHY FOR ME BUGED SO? Mod Note: changed tittle of thread to better reflect nature of post.