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  1. Alan_SP

    Paid DLCs Please

    Date for what? 😍👀 Or, you wanted to know exact date when new version will be out (smiley with stars in eyes was a bit confusing...)? Well, if that's the question, exact date and time is: When it will be out. In that exact moment it will be. If you want, I also can take a look in my trusty old...
  2. Alan_SP

    gear the wiki is off about

    Just to mention, when you mention cages, we already have some sort of this thread type: https://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/index.php?threads/official-wiki-corrections-and-suggestions-thread.10137/ You can suggest errors and needed corrections for wiki there... no need for a new thread.
  3. Alan_SP

    Paid DLCs Please

    Also, new content is on its way. For free...
  4. Alan_SP

    We upgraded our forum to latest Xenforo version (2.2) and there are many new and useful things to find out about this...

    As you can see, our forum looks a bit different. That's because we upgraded to latest Xenforo version (2.2) and there's many new things we will use. Some of them are new thread types, we will enable in appropriate places. Short video explaining this thread types: There would be some more...
  5. Alan_SP

    Cloud saving from different devices.

    There's only one "saved games slot", either in Cloud, or on devices you use. So, if you save something in Cloud (export), later you import that on another device, previous saved games will be erased!!! from that device where you imported saved games, as there is only one instance for saving...
  6. Alan_SP

    Do I need to buy this game again? Android -> iOS

    Sorry, not sure with what this doesn't help? You still own game for Android platform as long as you know your Google credentials (i.e. can access gmail account you used to purchase game) and can install it in any Android device where you use that Google account, whenever you return to Android...
  7. Alan_SP

    Playing game on multiple Android devices?

    Yes, you can run game on many devices (no real limit there, as many as you like/have). Also, you can exchange game file the way you like/can do, cloud save just makes things much easier, but you always have manual option and you can execute it the way you like/can make. This is possible for...
  8. Alan_SP

    Do I need to buy this game again? Android -> iOS

    Short answer: Yes, you have to buy it again. Each platform has it's own store (as they are different companies) and you need to buy for each platform again (and again, as now you can buy from 4 stores for 3 platforms, i.e. iOS, Android and two platforms for a PC (Steam and GOG)). Good news is...
  9. Alan_SP

    missing translation

    Work on translation is completely work of volunteers with knowledge of targeted language. The developer gave every and any tool and mean for community of volunteers to do the task of translation to targeted language. If there's anything wrong or missing with any translation, this is not a work...
  10. Alan_SP

    Share Your Collection

    Solved this problem by using third party image hosting sites, so server will be OK. Also disabled using attachments for loreseekers, just for this reason. They should be used only for official purposes, to use server space rationally.
  11. Alan_SP

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Well, I already have three houses to sell (of course, to highest bidders), so, business first, everything else after that. :D
  12. Alan_SP

    Ideas for futiure developement

    @Molokot I also wanted to suggest this: I know for the fact that David (developer) did just that, "saw all the games" and wanted to make his vision reality. Why not, maybe one day we all will come to your website and tell you that you really made a great game (or, maybe I should write here...
  13. Alan_SP

    Ideas for futiure developement

    Well, it's not that simple. Average player, if he really goes from start to end, it will took about 100-120 hours of gameplay (real time, not in game time). And that is just for first playthrough, not mentioning that you can play with 4 different classes. I saw games that goes for much higher...
  14. Alan_SP

    Cant sign up at wiki

    Because we had spammers literary hitting wiki almost each second with registrations (OK, sometimes it took few minutes in between two registrations), we needed to first delete about 180 000 spammers and second, close registrations. Now, to be able to edit wiki you need to apply in already...
  15. Alan_SP

    Quality of life Change for clerics

    Moved thread to better suited place, i.e. Feedback forum.
  16. Alan_SP

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    I'm not David, the developer, but I'll try to answer what I think the main problem is. When you write code, each version (i.e. version for different hardware platform) has some "small" differences. In early phases of development maintaining all that "small" differences is additional task that...
  17. Alan_SP

    Unknown Dungeon enraged minotaur issue..

    These are possible drops. Last time it dropped horn when I killed it.
  18. Alan_SP

    The game is still in development?

    The game is finished and completed. And there's no further development. If (and that is if, not a statement that in future it will happen for sure) there would be some further development, this remains to be seen. But, that would be possible only after work on Archaelund (name of next game)...
  19. Alan_SP

    Is Exiled Kingdoms Undervalued?

    Exactly. In a way, this is very basic of whole science behind marketing. You don't pay for what you get, i.e. price isn't reflection of value. There's many examples, gold for one. You buy lump of gold and what? You have paperweight you overpaid. Could you eat gold (well, I know that technically...
  20. Alan_SP

    Iceblink, a very fun old-school RPG + Toolset

    Yeah, things like that can happen when two years pass. But, google shows these: Forum, GitHub, one download option (though I would rather try with forum or GitHub)...