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    Gold farming...again

    Ive a lvl 6 mage with a staff of mighty missiles, 3600 gold price tag. Just grind in areas u can handle. Next thing u know, im rich!
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    Fireball can damage you and your companion .... read its description.
  3. Z Defending the Outpost

    When talking to Morg, i dont have no options ... he just says "what r u doing here? The warriors at the uotpost need your help!" .... but theres no one at the outpost. Day or night. After getting the quest, i might have arrived at the outpost at night, talked to Xeria, and somewhere in the...
  4. Z Defending the Outpost

    By not being able to complete the quest, defending the outpost, i am blocked from completing anymore quests or contracts that Morg has to offer. That bothers me..
  5. Z Defending the Outpost

    And i have met those consequences. At least give us the option to restart those quests with those penalties i mentioned.
  6. Z Defending the Outpost

    Thats 2 quests i can longer complete. We need the option to delete quests or return to the quest giver and restart the quest with a penalty for failure to follow instructions. Whether its a negative shift in reputation or a monetary penalty, as long as we have the option to restart quests.
  7. Z Defending the Outpost

    Heres my dilema ... quite a while back i got the quest. Not sure if i arrived at the outpost at night because now, no one is there to talk to. Xeria and others are no longer there. Heres my suggestion ... give us the option to delete quests and start over OR return to the quest giver and...
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Wow! It's been quite some time since I logged into chat. I guess this is a good time to begin again ... Kloudstryker, lvl 18 warrior STR 7 End 5 Agi 4 Int, awa, per. 1 Wielding 2 handed sword, Cruelty Dmg 23-32, +4 fire SPD 9 CRIT 4% (33-48) DPS 29.8 Effect: stun 10% Armor 19...
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    enemies re-spawning

    Enemies re-spawning of the challenges of this game. They test the ability of you and your companion and/or mercanies abilities. It will never change. as far as in-app puchases go ... will never happen as well. I hate to dampen your mood. but you must play this game as far as you...
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    Companions and hired mercanries are damage shields. They take the extra damage to keep you alive, period. Nothing more. Inadequate? No, not if you build them right. defense(armor) and hit points are the key for the Grissenda build. The strongest of the two comapnions. As for Aadons build...
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    Random drop from any troll. sounds like you've had some bad luck .... keep grinding, you'll eventually get one. besides, they stink like hades, why on earth would you want one?!? :(
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    Oh Karjus, make no mistake, more then half the potions I use are for me ... my armor is 15 with 25 lightning defense .... Grissenda with a 22 armor and 22 lightning resist. I always make a b-line to them shamans. If I can take out the high damgage dealers, she can take out the grunts with...
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    No spoilers here ... as a level 18 warrior with 2hander build, later in levels I went with Grissenda with sword and shield build, currently lvl 14. Aadon was just too much of a health potion junkie, who is currently lvl 10. if you went with sword and shield build as well as Grissenda, you...
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    Sir Shanks Contest #3: I Spy With My 2D Eye WINNER Feldon

    Re: Sir Shanks Contest #3: I Spy With My 2D Eye Heh! This a walk in the park ... sort of :lol: I got this in the bag! Can I brag now?? :twisted: