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    It just starts off awesome. Then it gets better.
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    Maximum Level?

    There's a cool video of a player running the Arc, then ports to Lannegar to kill the lvl1 goblin that puts him to the 100th.
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    Minotaur horns

    There is a merchant that will sell you the keys to most of the kingdom for 4gp. Best buy by far I ever made.
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    Know your Ally

    As a wand mage I like ado for backup firepower. I front as shield against elementals. Have run end game with him a few times. Never betrayed me. Love Lady hirgèland too, and griss.
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    How to? How to get to Solligar ? There is no Bridge…

    No wonder nobody has walked up there in so long.
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    How to? Rogue archer build mid game

    Rapid fire, flurry, run. Catch breath, repeat. Hunters machete and mist hunters bow. Till find ion recurve and scalpel. Don't fight spiders and wizard same time.
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    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    Very nice compilation. A true tribute to those that strive. Just remember, immortality results in in insanity.
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    I lost my Green Card in the Ark! Help!

    That's one thing truly open world allows you to make irredeemable mistakes. You were going to play it through again anyway. So swallow, buck up, and do (or dont) it again. Better luck next through. Been there by talking back to that wiz in Kingsbridge.
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    Call Of The Blood

    Hence the stash in the bushes.
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    Challenge: Too poor or too greedy? (Warrior,Rouge)

    So, no selling gems herbs scrolls pelts? Need more back story to even think about this challenge.
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    Ruined Dragoon Boots

    Yea they're good dancers but sulky conversationalists.
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    Wand Pushbacks

    They will run back into range sometimes on the edge. Fun when they keep running back for another smack. To busy running to range attack.
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    It was difficult, but I finished completing Hirge's quest at level 1

    Hirge the younge wisdom junky. What would her parents say? How dare you corupt her at that age. Ofcourse her mentor was into drugs too. Rehab at irossia might be in the works. Griss may need a spell to kick the roids as well.
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    How to? Varannari owl figurine help.(Solved)

    Thats why i went wand. Me likes me orbs and totems evan skulls.
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    Boat trips are mostly pointless

    But the trip down the caost from Soliga to new anthur is So exiting and Beautiful. And so worth 250gp. Theres only one capt i float with.