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    Wallpapers available?

    Hi, would this be mount storm? I ended up getting into a discussion in a Brazilian EK group and came here just to make sure this looks like New Garand
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    SPOILER Good ending

    if you want a spoiler you better go on the wiki, there's everything explained
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    Orc's Kingdoms

    man i really love this story i hope david adds this to the game it's just amazing you got a lot of creativity for it
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    Orc's Kingdoms

    But that doesn't answer how he got there, I know his parents died in a war, but where did he grow up? And how did he get to this cabin? I hope david speaks out one day
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    Orc's Kingdoms

    our line of reasoning was exactly because this thought of our sister being from thuram and Tremadan too, but after this update we saw that our character doesn't know anything or anyone from sollig
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    Orc's Kingdoms

    I'm part of a Brazilian group, after gathering information and even posting here on the forum, we came to the conclusion that it could come from Solliga 1639525691 We were reading dialogues from city dwellers, or even speeches by our character, and there was no way he could live in new anthur...
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    Orc's Kingdoms

    But they are! But I find it difficult for David to do something related, maybe he will add some stories here and there, but he hasn't even completed Varannar, maybe we can dream of Andoria!
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    Orc's Kingdoms

    yes hahahahaha just a galaxy, what's the big deal about it?
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    Orc's Kingdoms

    I also hope, every day I'm going to look in the play store if they released any updates to the game, and every day I look at the forum to see if there are any threads giving hope of any updates, I love this game
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    Exiled Kingdoms now also available as "premium" App in Play Store.

    I have a doubt! Do you ever plan to add more Varannari content? I was thinking about deleting my character and making another one to complete the new missions I couldn't
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    New general skill , make potions

    você vai adicionar isso ao jogo?
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    App EK Companion

    I would love to contribute to this part of the missions, but I just don't know how to upload the file through this site! if you want to talk to me on any social network, i'll be glad to be able to help. Just one more note, the file is in Brazilian Portuguese, but it's in the correct translation...
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    Spoilers Colormatic Armors! And More!

    it would be nice if you could add this to change the colors of the armor, even if it consumes a little more memory and the companions have an artificial intelligence different from the monsters in the game, after all they are warriors and adventurers! not simple NPCs I hope that one day David...
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    App EK Companion

    Eu editei a lista de missões por nível de um outro membro aqui do forum,se desejar,posso enviar o arquivo,ela está mais coerente,e com algumas missões que não estavam adicionadas anteriormente 1636543984 Para te ajudar eu tenho 2 planilhas,uma com missões por nível e uma de chefões por nível...
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    How long have you been playing this game?

    eu comecei a jogar no final de 2019, ainda na versão gratuita pois não tinha dinheiro suficiente para comprar o jogo