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    I don't know how to show my build I'm a rogue dual wild and bow level 24 but that still don't explain why I can't get to the second level in the sewers I watched a video of someone doing it but it won't let me I know I need to level for the ark
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    As for the ark I can't kill the magistrate or the horror that shows up
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    I know it's not the way to the ark in the sewer of horrors on the first floor I've switched all three levers and the still don't open I came hey to the second floor
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    Android and at the poison part of the sewers I can't get the gate opened and for the ark I just get smashed on the second level
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    Wtf put countless hours into this only to have quests glitch and the second part of the ark is imposible explain it worth the money at that rate are
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    I lost everything I had lvl23 rogue Well still best phone rpg but still mad lost my toon