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    Dev: Do You Need Ideas?

    That's interesting and I can't believe you had everything for Ark/Icemist 99.99% planned 3 years ago, but I guess having a solid concept is necessary for developing a big and good game.
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    Dev: Do You Need Ideas?

    Hey, so I read the "Features for Version 1.1" thread and I wondered if you need any ideas or help. For example it says Companion quests and advancement: each companion will get a quest that will reveal their background, and will also be the way to unlock advanced skills for them (a fixed...
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    [Small Bugs/Notes] Ark|Trigger Sound|Regeneration|Cleric

    I already updated 1-2 days ago, but I wrote a list of these problems and can't remember 100% which problems happened in the old version and I didn't want to check all problems again. I thought that Holy I adds 2 spirit damage, so I expected +4 spirit damage (because the Clerics ability adds +2...
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    [Small Bugs/Notes] Ark|Trigger Sound|Regeneration|Cleric

    I'm referring to the version that was released on Dec 30, so I don't know if any of these bugs/problems have been fixed. - in Ark (Reactor) there is the gate where you have to type "Scotty" to unlock it, you get the same dialogue again, even when you opened the door already (not sure if you...
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    mage class weakness - unfortunately

    I think Mana is fine, although the damage spells get really expensive when maxed out, guess they should be cheaper. I noticed too that mage has many "fixed" values, but have you tried cleric? Imo they are far worse. I gave them a shot again on Ironman difficulty and god, I didn't know what I...
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    Mage Wand/Offhand feedback.

    My problem with orbs is that they are kinda useless stats-wise. Unfortunately I can't remember all the stats but the common orbs only add 5 Mana and 18 resistance to a specific element. 5 mana is close to nothing for a mage and 18 resistance against a single element can be useful but is pretty...
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    Re: Report *TRANSLATION* issues here *Language: German *Location of the problem: Tower of Tremadan, Lab Table (Sheet name = E10_lab_table.xlsx, row 6) *Wrong text: Da du bereits die Spezialtasche fertiggestellt hast, gibt es hier nichts interessantes mehr. *Suggested resolution: Replace...
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    Mage Discussion Thread!

    I feel like the game lacks Leggings and Boots, I still wear the crappy old ones and I finished the game and most stories. I guess you aren't the only one with that problem.
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    Mage Discussion Thread!

    If I were you I'd take the Magma Shortsword (especially if your Grissenda is a 1H warrior) or Ring of Life. The Pendant and Breastplate are okay, but there are many similar alternatives throughout the game. Ring of Life and the Sword are kinda unique and can't be replaced by many other items...
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    Mage Discussion Thread!

    There is that helmet that adds 3 Agility which should increase your damage and also some sort of coat for mages that has pretty neat stats. There also are staffs both 1H and 2H, so that can help against the Steel Spiders, although Lightning Bolt is what you should use instead. I also think it's...
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    Bag of Holding - Suggestion

    Hello, I didn't find any post mentioning this. When you open Bag of Holding, your companion's avatar disappears, meaning there is no way to switch to your companion's equipment window without clicking that back button. This means you have to reenter your equipment window, which is not only...
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    Mage Discussion Thread!

    I did, I was level 20 (leveled to 21 while in the last stage). I 99% used Lightning Bolt LVL 3 and Mage Barrier LVL 3. I started with about 60 or 70 shock resistance and raised it to 100 after getting new equipment (I also used Shock Ward for higher resistance). I usually killed the Steel...
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    Greater Ring of Fire - where to find and missing article on Wiki

    I don't know, but I noticed that quite a few Wiki pages don't work. Would be cool if that could be resolved.
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    Casual Play Tweeks

    The problem is that I could see myself waiting at safe spots for my health and mana to regenerate. There's also a reason for this "daily recovery"-skill. It's the indirect way to restore health and mana. The only way I could imagine health and mana regenration is from learning advanced skills...
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    Measuring loading times

    Damaged Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini -> 11.5 seconds :roll: