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    The most powerful 2-handed

    im using on my grissenda the maul of desecration 7-15 +7 while not killing trols or undead
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    Insufficient bag slots

    hey Vaaclav you mention u didnt see most of the stuff i suggested on other games. and you mainly references to diablo 2. but few thing to take in consider: on diablo 2 u can use portal from anywhere to a town and back to the middle of what u where doing. here u cant do it and if u do use the...
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    Insufficient bag slots

    I hope David will see this post.. i know he is busy
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    Insufficient bag slots

    im lvl 17 cleric so while traveling and killing mobs and doing dungeons i don't need to go back to heal or restore my hp at towns. only thing that hold my fun traveling and playing is the low space on my back pack the backpack hold 20 slots for both me and my companion but on the first 4 slots i...
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    depand on class and build.. but i think the gloves are ussless if u have the belt of strangth with the +2 or +1 with armor points and hp. but the hammer is good.. i use it on my cleric with agility build that gives +1 to light weapons and when fighting trools i just use might to finish them
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    Bear cave secret room

    Anyone found the secret room on bear cave at Nilomar cape? Wiki don't have the cave on map
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    companion skills

    I just realise after playing 8 monthes that my companion dont have any advances skills and i cant seem to undersatnd how to buy for them they guild trainers only offer them for me.
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    Wraiths and varannari

    1) i have a good rep with the varannari and i don’t understand why they attack me on map when i see a group of them 2) i think wraiths spawn time in dungeons is to short i entered today to the Mercian Royal Crypt and by the time it take me to clear a room the wraiths outside the room...
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    Wyvern loot

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    Wyvern loot

    So the big Q is it a bug or they just don’t have anything? well i think they should be like other animals they can drop some wyvern sting or something similar that u can sell or keep for future use. if i remember correctly on Baldur’s gate they dropped the head u can sell..
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    Wyvern loot

    well went to the new map killed lots of them and not a single drop not even cash talking about the ice\regular lvl 12\ and the young lvl 9 is it just my bad luck or they have very low drop rate of something
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    best guild

    Well if the game was fully out i would agree with david but sins it's still in development and the guilds are not equal in the things they give you( traits and merchants) i dont think it's fair.. the warrior guild was up before the cleric and offer better things at the moment and i picked it...
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    best guild

    im a clerc and i picked warr guild.. before there where cleric guild available so i hope in the future we will have the option to change guild(at a cost ofc).
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    Farming spots

    im farming Nilomar Cape now... Ursan droping some nice loot and easy to kill (for me) allso brown bears drop their pelt so good cash too cuse u can stack them so only 1 spot taken
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    Projectiles protection for cleric

    I think your traits maybe not good.. im cleric lvl 14 and sins i put more points on agility i got less damage from projectiles u shouldent use awareness and intellect cuse they give u less armor and mana then agility and personality allso if you are using "light" weapons points in strenght...