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    New Updates ?

    I would love to see at least one more update opening up the rest of the map to Freeport , Liberty, and the orc kingdom. If it takes a few years I'm good with that.
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    New Updates ?

    Just twice?
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    Magic barrier

    Mage barrier and arcane knight do not mix. It's annoying.
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    Mages Weapons, poll

    Cleric joined to warrior's guild.
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    Mages Weapons, poll

    Arcane knight has been extremely fun to play. Mine is no push over with cloak of the bear and body development maxed out. Add in the wisdom of the seas, thuramian plate, some +1 rings and damage is nicely reduced. Then with the force belt and automated gloves wielding blades like the queen's...
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    Demonclaw Bug???

    Can reproduce on my end too. Gris with demon claw does not show slow and I haven't been able to see slow show up in combat. EK ver. 1.3.1182
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    Spoilers The 7 Prince's of Hell…

    Nah, he's already been afflicted by our great Lord of Sloth. To much work to write out more...
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    Romances in EK or Archaelund?

    So worth it.
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    Goodbye, cruel world!

    Take a break, it's all good. Read the wiki if you need to get some hints. I assume you have some previous saves to go back too but sounds like this may have been your first time through? If so sounds like you did a really great job figuring things out up to the final end game.
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    Romances in EK or Archaelund?

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    Ever fought Goblin god Stridsibum?

    Tol and 5th sleeper toughest. Impossible to kill either and certain death. I've not actually tried a fight with Stridsibum yet. Don't know why I never thought too. I've fought everything else so far.
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    How long have you been playing this game?

    How long... As in how much time total played? More the I should have and will. Or when did I first start playing? 2018 some time. First several times through I had no idea there was this forum and wiki with all those walk through spoilers. I think that was a good thing. Much more enjoyable...
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    Differences between Hard and Iron Man mode

    I've solely been playing iron man and really has extended the challenge of the game. For me it's been exciting and created new challenges to complete. Like trying to get to arcane night mage as quickly as possible with full plate armor, lone wolf speed runs, etc. I still dislike rogues.
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    Formatting issue after most recent update

    I'll get weird looking stuff in that area too sometimes. I exit out and close out the app and go back. Usually works to clear it up for me.
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    If you're grinding you don't have to go through all the way. Get to the Icemist Underlevels, clear out the level, sleep, repeat... The added benefit is the two reoccurring dragons will give a very tiny but probable chance of dropping some tomes to help boost trait levels.