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    Summoner-enhanced creature stats?

    It would be great if in wiki's bestiary page will be information about summoned creatures with all their stats. Now we only have info about spirit wolf, as he can be only summoned and we didn't meet him anywhere as a foe. And as for another summons it's really confusing, because we can't know...
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    So did anyone else take on the Forsaken in the Arc?

    They shouldn't kidnapped my sister... This time I beat them without so much preparation as a level 21 (get 22 while fighting them) hard cleric. In comparison with my rouge it was really interesting and much more fun. Because I have only invisibility pots, I have to fight forsaken in small...
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    The true double summoner

    In the trollfens? I bet one of those is an invisible swampdonkey in the shape of golem
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    Does Red Dragon in Icemist Underlevels give Ancient Tolassian Tome?

    I was thinking about the same topic myself, but my question is does anyone actually got a tome from them? Because I have killed these dragons almost fifty times, but still haven't got any book. Should I keep going or it's a worthless idea?
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    So did anyone else take on the Forsaken in the Arc?

    Finally, I have done it. On casual though, but now certainly will try it on hard. Did it as melee rouge, lvl 25, with stealth and invisibility pots, killing them one by one. Unfortunately there is still no reward for this, not even magister pendant. All I get was hundred gold, platemail vest and...