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    Great game! Feeling and suggestions, long.

    I LOVE the idea of getting better prices with a higher reputation. It just makes sense and improves immersion. As a merchant I don't steal somebody blind who helped the community a great deal, this would threaten my own reputation. Additional idea: with increasing reputation the wealth of the...
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    possible to delete a saved game entry?

    Nice to see that i'm not the only one Edit: two easy ways for deleting a character in this thread viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10136
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    Infinite number of town hall quests?

    Yeah my original idea was the same, until I saw some threads about it. BUT it could also be the case that there is some confusion about the terms. Like infinite number of quests vs limited combinations of quests (location+monster/Item+name) I would just like to have certainty
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    Infinite number of town hall quests?

    Hey Guys! Question in the headline, I read different opinions about this topic in the forum. If I do a lot on low levels, will there be a shortage later on?
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    Half a million thanks!

    David, your game has heart. It deserves the success no doubt
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    Rumor Boss spawn locations

    Nilomar Cape southwest corner on the very small piece of land. Ursan war chief can spawn there
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    The Help Hub ☺- Advice, Quest Help, Walkthroughs, Equipment, Videos and More!

    Saw screenshots in this forum in which the weapons had a multiplier like "x2" next to their critical chance. Thought it was due to the skills precision strike/shot. Have the skill precision shot maxed myself now, but haven't this notification next to my weapons...The dps changed though. Does...
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    The hard life of the archer

    Good point with the low elemental damages. Thought about it too recently. One soultion could be to boost the elemental damage and to lower the physical. But the enemies armor rating and the changed critical damage could make this attempt ineffective. Maybe it's more practicable to lower the...
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    Beeing friendly with the wizard's guild should count as being an ally

    Helping the warriors guild results in having partial access to their services. It would be nice if that would be the case with the wizards guild, too. I mean, the wizards say themselves that they have to take a fee for using the teleportation circle, unless you are a member or an ally. Now by...
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    Changed drops in 0.9

    Lets gather information about the changed drops in this thread! This helps the players and updating the Wiki :) An obvious one: the outlaws dont have the wide spectrum of drops anymore. All I got up to this point are the oaken bow (new drop), small saphires and ?hardend leather boots? i guess...
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    Does endurance affect hit points retrospective?

    So does it matter if I max endurance in the beginning or later? Will I have more hit points at high level if I raised endurance right away compared to later in game? In Oblivion you had to do it first, otherwise you had a disadvantage...I hated it :D Great game btw, much respect!!!