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    Another set of ideas

    I know david has his own vision on how armor should work with no shield equiped (e.g. 2h, ranged, etc.) but i can advice a use for a shield and it's slot in such cases. So shield may be equipable on the back of 2handed or archer, giving half stats bonus, full armor bonus for attacks from the...
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    Barrel guy?

    Still in development, be patient :-)
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    Seventh guild

    The new update in gp sais that you can reset your skills if you hane acess to the thiefs guild in New Garand Tell me more please My traits are really messed up, i got 3 pers on warrior lol) need to reset) Okay, i did it myself But i guess the question will remain popular when change log...
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    Brightness setting for adjusting visibility

    i'm afraid the problem is with your phone/screen brightness do you have same problems in other games/apps? what's your phones model? p.s. brightness drops at ingame night and rises during day
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    Technical F.A.Q.

    Here are some frequently asked questions and frequently ansered answers :ugeek: (updatable post). i'll look up for more questions later today
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    Can't Update to v.0.7.890

    the lastest updates are rolled out in google play not in one moment - some users get updates at once, some have to wait blame it on google ================ it's time to make FAQ topic and post answers for questions like this
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    Start game strategy (fast run) [Big Spoilers hidden under Spoilers so safe to read the topic itself]

    hey, guys! I came up with great starting strategy, which helped me getting lvl 3 and good gear allmost without spending money just in 4 ingame days (the gear is in the pic below) I strongly advice not to read the spoiler if you're in your first run and didn't complete the letter from the...
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to participate?

    You know russian speaking community is big enough in android gaming I don't think i have enough time to help translating the game, but i think i could help translating at least some of the most important wiki pages in russian to help russian-speaking players with adaptation in game So, David, pm...
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    A simple request

    Actually eating uncooked beast meat is a great idea With 50% chance to get some kind of negative effect (poisoning, slow, weakness, blind, etc.) and another 50% chance to restore some health harmlesly On the contrary, cooked food should be 100% safe)
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    Bluetooth Controller

    What about bt/usb keyboards? It will fill like real old school)
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    A simple request

    With 50% chance of poisoning
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    too many ring dropes

    Had the same in Nyanu (or whatever it ia called) tomb
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    Gold in game

    Town Hall quests are only for rising reputation)
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    The prodigal daughter

    read the second spoiler, it's the quest ypu're looking for)