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    The Secrets of The Exiled Kingdoms

    In this Topic,you can share your questions about EK's lore that is hidden secrecy.Here we can connect the dots and reveal the truth and uncover secrets.EK's Developer knows how to hide secrets,so one or two men are not enough to do this activity. We need the whole EK Community To start,i'll...
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Wow David!You made a system that i've seen for once in my lifetime!Truly though,i think IMHO this is one of a kind.
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    Cleave question

    I think it does.
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    Dungeons And Dragons Players,Pathfinder Players,and other TableTop Roleplaying Gamers...

    What are your Experiences in Pen and Paper Games that you want to share with fellow players and to those who are unfamiliar to the subject? What are you to say to those who do not play DnD,Pathfinder or other TTRGs? If it did,regardless of aspect/s,in what way did this TTRG change you or your...
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    So are there more classes in Archaelund that of EK's? I mean it's expected but can you reveal how many exactly are there? Also will there be Sorcerers in the game?
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    I have one curious question Dev,do you,or have you ever played a game of D&D?i'm planning to create the Muud'ari as a Homebrew Race in
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    So Hirge finally did it?!My god my bae is doing so well lol!She's been my companion of choice the moment she was added in the game,so 'Saint Hirgalande' did us so great!Too bad she had to die :cry:
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Would there be references from 'Exiled Kingdoms'? Like the protagonist of EK is a legend in Archaelund? Would s/he be infamous yet hinted in Ancient texts and books? Or someone who's just another 'made-up' story for children? Will the people pf Archaelund commemorate the EK protagonist and his...
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    How do I not kill amarisa?!

    That Would Be A Hassle If You'll Have To Restart To That One Part Cuz You'll Have To Do It All Over Again (The Parts Where You Have To Kill The Battle Droids.Those Things Where A Frustration) .If You're In The Dimensional Parasite Part Let Valerian Soak All The Damage And Keep Amarisa Away.
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    The most powerful 2-handed

    The Best Ones Ever Are The Axe of The Minotaur Kings and Pneumatic Mallet The Axe Deals 4 - 25 Physical Damage,If Paired With A Str/End Build Warrior (Which I Currently Have,And It's Kicking Ass) Your Damage Becomes 31 - 52 Plus 8 Lightning Damage.A Whopping Total of 39 - 60 Damage.Use This...
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    Mages in Towers in 1.1

    Oh i hope they Will.The Mages Selling New Cool Items will be nice and The Thought of Visiting Thuram to Visit Amarisa (If She Was Alive,She's Alive in My Campaign so That's Fine) Having the Idea of A Cold and Magical city Reminds me of Skyrim.Also if there will be an Option to Spend Gold for...
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    Finally beat the Ark... (Spoilers)

    There will be a New Multiplayer Mode In the Next Update Aswell!I Wonder if There will PVP or Just a Free - Roam Experience (I'd love it if it will be Free - Roam)
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    My warrior lvl 16 (and some questions)

    After you are able to complete "The Shards of Fate",The Quest "The Ark of Lothasan" will pop up.This quest will be Able to give you Access to The Southern Part of Varranar,Which has TONS i mean TONS of New Stuff (Mostly Good Stuff But When the time Comes that you are going to The Ashen...
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    Got Bored After The Ending | Dimensional Parasite Extermination Not Rewarding

    You're Pretty Much Right.I Just Hoped That The Parasite Has Something To Offer.But The Upcoming Multiplayer Update,Will it be By Server or LAN?That would be Awesome if Both Really
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    Got Bored After The Ending | Dimensional Parasite Extermination Not Rewarding

    The Game got Boring and Stuff Since I get to Complete all The other Quests before The Ark of Lothasan (Orbs of Galade Being an Exception) There's Pretty Much Nothing to Do.I Know The Next Updates will have Thuram and It's Quests (Also The New Multiplayer Update Is Soon to Arrive!I'm Excited) I...