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    Item update thread

    How about a weapon growth? Maybe for equipping a weapon, there's a certain point where you master the weapon itself and possibly gain a very slight upgrade? even if it's just a plus 1. I like a lot of early weapons because of their appearance, I wouldn't mind using a weaker weapon with badass...
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    Titan quest similar to EK?

    Cool, I would definitely get the game. That is when I get tired of playing EK and decided to take a break. When will it happen? Who knows...
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    Weapon Enhancement system

    I love the ideas of weapons having a unique stats. Is it by any chance possible to add weapon enhancement? Basically acts as a blacksmith skill where you can upgrade or reroll weapon traits. Such as banishing, vicious, etc. It would of course require a lot of effort to enhance a weapon. I...
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    Hirge retribution not working

    I'm level 20 knight that equips 2h weapons. I tried resetting my traits and skills and kept all to 0 and tried resetting Hirge as well. Only have her learned retribution, still no progress. I tend to get her to my team as early as level 5. I wonder if that has something to do with it. I'm...
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    Hirge retribution not working

    It is a knight wielding 2H weapons. I have tried few tests as well. I started swapping her weapons and unequiping all or swapping her armor sets as well to see if any changes. Still not working. I fear that it could be a bug that is triggered at every beginning of the game. I hope not.
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    Titan quest similar to EK?

    Hello again, I've been seeing this game called Titan quest. Is anyone here able to play the game and is it similar gameplay for EK? It cost around 7-10$, I forgot so I wasn't able to try. If anyone played it before let me hear your though if it's worth playing.
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    Wyvern Mountains: Best XP and Gold farming spot (in my opinion..)

    I have read many opinions about best gold and XP farming spots. One of them is the the Maze of lamth level1-2. But in my opinion, the best is the Wyvern mountains. Ice wolves (lvl12-14) could give 100+ xp and 200 golds after selling wolf pelts from Varannari, as well as emeralds from Wyverns...
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    Hirge retribution not working

    Yes after a few tries and experimenting skill is totally not working. I tried to reset her skill in New Garand and learn the skills. I let her slay ghosts and skeletons, still not working. Although potions are commonly dropped or cheap, this skill is way too OP if learned. Especially for...
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    Hirge retribution not working

    Hello, I just recently played the game. I finally have Hirge learn her advance skill and I noticed that her retribution skill doesn't work. I killed so many skeletons and even let her kill them by herself but no mana is gained. Is there a fix for this or it's an issue that still haven't fixed...