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    XP and Gold Farming + Fire Drake Scales.

    i farmed mausoleum at that level. blessed platemail sells good and there are a lot of mobs with decent density. sacred fire 3 is a must tho. for drake scales best place is probably the abbey fire area but you may be too low level so stick to gorx lair
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    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    just finished the game peaceful way, once you get nanocarbon sword or dagger it becomes pretty easy. Finished at level 21 with duel 3. Flames of faith useless in ark since you dont have party i also doubt wolf would live long considering the amount of rad/explosions.
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    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    Ark too hard, crits are really unlikely, really need nanocarbon weapons :/
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    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    skipping wolf would save 6 skillpoints that i would put on precision strikes and massive crits and flames of faith 1 also removing thelumes wisdom probably
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    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    broken crown damage is manageable, annoying but not game breaking just dont go afk with it. i killed valerian you absolutely need stun immunity can be done without stability if you place properly. i doubt gris or hirge can tank it. i used adaon it's vital that he flanks cause he can stun. my...
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    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    any tip for fighting valerian? the dude you meet after entering dragon coast. i have pretty much the best gear i can get and at level 19 he just wrecks everything during flurry
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    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    i'm almost 18 on hard. following this guide religiously. About equipment i wonder if broken crown of tol is better than bishop ring 2 per = 50 mana anyway. I will most likely use vorator mantle instead of spectral cloak. For skills i'm struggling to use wolf just because of the limited amount...
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    Rogue VS Unweakened Undermother

    i'd try with a grissenda since she can reach higher ac. other than that when companion dies disengage and ress with scrolls or wait till she resses by herself. flank stab while companion is up and dps when evasion is up
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    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    sorry if i missed it but is the footage of undermother done on hard?
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    Rogue experience from an Ironman warrior pov

    with my warrior even at level 20 i had to use greater healing pots against dragons to keep myself in fury range and get arpund 100+ dps, with rogue i have 28 at level 14 and i can kill dragons using a maybe 3 moderate healing on grissenda. when it comes to solo mob killing rogue is way superior...
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    Rogue experience from an Ironman warrior pov

    Hello people of the internet. Being bored of not being able to safely clear ark on my 21 warrior on ironman i decided to start a rogue on hard. Wow! I did not believe rogue could do so much damage. I got to level 13 just looping lannegar kb rhoneis town hall quests cause it was just so funny...
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    Ideas on future things to implement, plus a concern

    Alright, I am by no means a genius I'm just a player and I have played many isometric rpgs so I'm listing some features that I would like to see implemented in the future. This is not a critique on the game which I love. 1. Reborn feature: after reaching high level (20+ or whatever its going to...
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    Ring of unlife

    It's from Lich according to wiki. Haven't got one myself. Edit: Lich is a rumor boss
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    Gold Farming and Experience Level 15+

    I have been doing this run before I read this but I still prefer the nilomar cape run because it's quicker and risk free. Also I found the stars in farming were the primeval bears with their amazing xp and the fact the pelt they drop sells for 1.5k. WM has 3 primeval bears but 2 are together and...
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    The Help Hub ☺- Advice, Quest Help, Walkthroughs, Equipment, Videos and More!

    Hey posting here don't want to open a new thread. Currently level 12 warrior build 5str 2 end 3 agi skills resilience 2 two handed mastery 3 cleave charge whirlwind 1. Gear legion hat and chest rest is normal plate I have signet ring and oasis ring weapons I have greataxe of the falling stars...