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    Rogue's Weapon Choice for the Ark

    If you stabbing much swords better but if you use flurry dps with light weapons better and don't forget you can use hammers unique ones though
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    Holy shield- should I spend points?

    Dragons generally take full death elemental dmg and opposite elemental of their elemental if they fire use cold and if they cold use fire and so on red dragon generally strongest dragon and has high stats so try fight him later in 17 lvl or more that time you will be heard up best gear that you...
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    Sneak Attack

    I think they can see you (can't invisible) that what someone told me
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    Mage - No Crits with Elemental only Weapons?

    Bro you can show me your build ?
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    Mage - No Crits with Elemental only Weapons?

    Yes exactly, last thing I posted post I think it's familiar with this, you can Delete it? It's not necessarily anymore
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    Mage summoner tips?

    Very interesting tips and helpful but I want correct somethings : 1- arcanaist lv 2 more then enough unless you want fight bosses or quick farming In sunken citadel use 4-5 arcane staves . When you have spare points and there no skill for them use it for arcanaist lv 3. 2- since you summoner...
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    Sneak Attack

    For me 2 at least 3 maybe some much for 30% dmg but still worth till ark in ark area you fight solo alone no companion so it's useless there
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    Mage - No Crits with Elemental only Weapons?

    1617462242 Mr.david actually pure elemental staves and wands does critical dmg but no blue text on screen tell you there crit dmg only in battle log I saw like 2-3x dmg of my staff but for instakill of the massive critical skill there no blue text and doesn't instakill no matter what I test it...
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    Elemental staves/wands issue (bug)

    Hello mr.david I wish you good luck and nice day thanks for your hard work :) I have this issue i know you busy about your new game but I wanted tell you about it before the update, This what i found out about staves , wands crit dmg (C.Dmg) and massive crit dmg (MC.Dmg) 1- physical dmg...