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    Hirge advanced skills

    Oh, thank you guys! I didn't do the last Hirge quest yet, it was faaaar to away from the location I'm currently doing quests :P And I didn't find this described anywhere either (I searched at wiki, Google and forum)... So I thought companions advanced skills were taught the same way as for the...
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    Hirge advanced skills

    Is there any way to teach Hirge combat-focused advanced skills (Duel/Heavy Hand) playing as a Rogue? These seems to be the only skills to improve her DPS. As every good rogue should be, I'm a member of Thieve's Guild, thus, I haven't access to Warrior's Guild training. If none, the skill...
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    Request: Easy way of access followers inventories

    Since this is a (good) RPG, you got a lot of itens as you level up. And as all RPGs games that have companions/followers I like to, individually, make their builds, change/upgrade their equipment, even if I won't use them in real combat. My vaults are frequently full of new (and better)...
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    Request: Remove "decisive options" from follower's main dialogue menu

    The title is more generic, should serve as an example of usability. This is a really simple request, just to remove any action that cannot be undone from follower's main dialogue menu. For example, this particular one already caused me trouble: - "I don't need your services. You can return to...