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    A couple of constructive notes for the best RPG on mobile to date

    I guess he has a lot to learn :lol:
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    Just check this thread : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6373
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    How do you detect secrets with warrior?

    Well, why would a warrior plays without Adaon? :D Traps are so deadly in this game ...
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    ⭐ Defeating the Undermother on Hard UNWEAKENED ⭐

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    Cleric needs work

    My bad :D I think stacking the fire elemental damage is kinda hard to code, as not everyone is running with a fire weapon. Also, I'm not really sure about this, but armor gives a flat damage reduction, while elemental resistance gives a % reduction, so it wouldn't change anything.
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    Cleric needs work

    Your statement is wrong. The physical damage added with Arbonos Might stack as any others damage boost. It's only the fire elemental damage that doesn't stack with your current elemental damage from your weapon. And it has such a low impact if it was stacked that I don't see any reason changing...
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    Charge doesn't just allow you to reach this castle but you can also push some NPCs. I found it useful to split the thieves NPCs during Honor among Thieves quest.
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    New Player Hello

    I disagree, but I guess it's personal opinion! Except stab/charge/arbenos might (in a limited way), basic skills won't make you more powerful at the start of the game. While getting a really good weapon from new garrand nearby dungeons can make a huge difference.
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    What does your forum user name mean?

    My most used name on pen and paper is Kurian ... but I was always the only elf and no one liked my char so they called me "cure dent" (it's french for tooth pick :/) instead, so I kept the name, Kurdent (with french pronunciation!) was a bit better :D
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    Stat Checks

    There is also a 1 per check if you want to bribe governor for Three versus Eleven.
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    Ultimate high lvl dungeon run, Abby of St Admus

    Well, the only reason to use Adaon is for traps as he lacks advanced skills to outdps Hirge (who doesn't need any adv. skills). That's why I use him as an archer, it boosts his survivability and he can stun.
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    New Player Hello

    It's better to focus on gear than getting levels at start, as mobs will scale in level making it harder if you have terrible gear.
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    Ultimate high lvl dungeon run, Abby of St Admus

    He is an archer but I only use him on bosses or to pull mobs when I don't want to aoe. If he is not on passive mode, he is going to split mobs, make them reset or dying, which cost me a lot of time vs trash mobs. He is only good for single target dps. He doesn't need to be alive to spot traps btw.
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    Lesser known game mechanics

    Minimum damage inflicted by mobs is 1 except with evasion. Elemental damage added by weapons is not modified by any buff or when using a damage skill. It's a fix number, only decreased/increased by monster resistance to corresponding resistance. You can trigger traps without taking damage if...
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    For an unknown reason, I can't do any screenshots on the game. Level 14 warrior. HP 309 STR 7 (+2) END 4 AGI 2 INT 1 AWA 0 PER 3 4 points left for str next level. Whirlwind I Resilience I (too lazy to remove it as it doesn't stack with armor pot) Charge IV (bread and butter) Fury III Two...