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    Iron Golem, Fire Elemental, or Ice Elemental?

    Fire elemental and ice elemental stats sucks a lot its better to stick with iron golem as tank and other spells for offence
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    Any plans on a New Game+ option

    Very unlikely
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    Temple of the sleepers - honest way to find it

    Yes your suppose to go there 1622363180 Well the location is already predictable since it can be found on map by searching undiscovered areas. Dont think too much of it.
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    Whats the best class in 1.3

    Rogues is the hardest class but it is also the fastest to clear dungeons which i really enjoy
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    Help with rep ( ._.)

    The price of freedom reduce rep to 10
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    Secrets of the dead

    Whenever i do this quest i always give 1 book to the grey library and keep the rest in storage just in case. The reason i gave the book to mercia is for the sake of getting the gloves. And then i did a certain quest that made my rep negative to the golden hand but it seems that the grey library...
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    Hirge won't trigger Ancient Seal!

    Yes you have to do the quest first
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    Whats the best class in 1.3

    Rogue is the hardest class to use due low health this class requires a lot of careful planning and it is most expensive of all classes since it is very dependent on items like poison and potions. Cleric is nearly immortal with intervention and mana pots but weapons are severely limited it is a...
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    Cleric intervention

    Welp time for my cleric to renounce his faith
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    Cleric intervention

    Why it wont work on scripted deaths 1622103690 Like drinking on black pool or stabbing the dude on sarcophagus
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    Temple of secrets

    I have issues with this. I cleared out all 3 doors still searching for the last lever and suddenly everything respawns and also the levers also resets and now i have to do it all over again. Fix this
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    splitshot is a skill that fires multiple i suggested kinda like cleave but for range attack. It would be op if splitshot damage isnt reduced I kinda dislike trap and kick so I thought of melee archer and I use pure archer build so no daggers for me 1621951496 I also want a skill that being able...
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    Splitshot reduces damage but hits a group of enemies 2 enemies level 1 3 enemies level 2 4 enemies level 3 5 enemies level 4 1621939065 What if offhand arrows apply to non elemental bows 1621939177 How about a skill that allows melee archery no misses. Its kinda unfair that enemy archers dont...
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    Dont you think that archers needs more advance skills? I kinda prefer pure archer build and I believe it needs a little oomph 1621938304 It would be nice to have arrows as offhand item 1621938355 Like iron arrows steel arrows mithril arrows etc
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    No more rings of Unlife?

    Your are just not lucky thats all.