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    Progress so far level 18 2handed warrior with cleric companion

    thank you vdx at first I was just using her for a safety net thought I'd switch to grissenda later but she started out 2handed healer and I really liked that but when everything started hitting harder and I got that paladin sword so I decided to board up. I think the shield is junky though might...
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    Progress so far level 18 2handed warrior with cleric companion

    she's a healer but does ok in tombs and such. here's my warrior skills too
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    Progress so far level 18 2handed warrior with cleric companion

    this is my warrior and cleric companion so far. finally got rancor and feeling pretty good about it lol. so I just thought I'd share my progress so far. I've got more then half the quests completed. this is on normal settings. so comment critique or just post your own ss of your proud avatar
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    bloodlust non cumulative explanation?

    ah ok that makes sense thank you
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    bloodlust non cumulative explanation?

    it says it's none cumulative does that mean it won't stack with heavyhand or duel?
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    Did I lose my gauntlets of might?

    ohh thank you
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    2handed warrior build help (skills)

    aw man I wish someone had told me that earlier. about the int and per. I'll probably keep them low now because I planned another play through. I'll probably respec though. I've mostly heard that aadon was a crappy companion with grissenda standard and hirge as a decent one. i might try him out...
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    Did I lose my gauntlets of might?

    I went into st abbey and used the map on wiki to see where they were. it took me a while but the secret door finally popped open. I killed the hag and the other guy with her fallen I think. but when I opened the chest there was only 47 gold in it. could it be there another time or is it supposed...
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    Quest list sorted by level and difficulty

    this is awesome thank you so much for your time and effort putting this together. I made a suggestion thread the other day about this exact thing only put into the game itself. I'll definitely be adding this to my bookmarks and refer back to it more then I'd like to admit lol. looks really good...
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    2handed warrior build help (skills)

    I looked at the wiki but it seems to not show anything to me. I'm level 14 with hirge as my companion she's a shield user and I use her mostly for healing but she tries hard lol. I'm curious what my next step should be. currently my skills are. Whirlwind 4 - two Handed 3 - cleave 2 - heavy...
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    Companion Gears

    I think vdx is right I just sold off all the gear on the other companions besides rings and amulets ofc. I really like hirge on my 2h warrior I use her for healing and the other skill I don't remember name helps her armor and undead dmg. it helps me stay out longer without popping a ton of potions
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    My lvl 16 rogue is officially more deadly than my lvl 23 warrior

    how did you build your warrior? I think I read somewhere that rogues are the dps kings of ek. it seems backwards as they should rely on tricks and subterfuge to clean house but maybe some balancing will take place before 1.0. I was fairly disappointed in the cleric aswell seems the worst class...
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    Character build help?

    I'm relatively new also but I am a second time newbie. I've always found 2handed to be best because no amount of armor will completely negate any attacks from even the lowest enemies. also Whirlwind is pretty much a must have on any warrior build from my admittedly limited experience and...
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    Progression of quests

    ugh here I am complaining again. I really do enjoy the game I promise lol. I realize that part of the appeal may be completely open do what you want open world. however I think a semi linear quest system would be nice. it just seems like I skipped over some quests that would've given me rewards...
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    What rpg android games do you play besides exiled kingdoms?

    I use to play poe it was awesome. should've clarified I meant android. I don't have a laptop or pc atm. poe was great though I forgot about that game.