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    (Spoilers) Where did I put my sword

    Hi David, I am sorry I did not see you posted a response to "where my sword" quest and having it now re-spawn so that it can not be traded after the update. I am on beta version 0.7.901 and the sword is still not re-spawning on the "dead" body. Maybe I missed something? Also one small...
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    (Spoilers) Where did I put my sword

    Hi David, On the next build can you please re-spawn the sword so I can finish the "where is my sword" quest. I know where it is found, but I probably traded the item early in the game without realizing it was part of a later quest...thanks.
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    Town Hall Quests bug

    Hi David, I agree with the other posts. I have completed 56 town-hall quests out of the 70 you state are available. However over the last week there are no new quests to be found in any of the towns. I know you are looking into this....thanks again.
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    Introduce yourself thread

    Hello, My name is Bill and I am a healthcare executive, former x-ray technician from Brooklyn, NY, USA. Like many of you I enjoy a good old-fashion rpg game and Exiled Kindgoms is a blessing. Going way back to the days of Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo 64, Playstation and various computer...
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    [SPOILERS] Trouble With Hunting Bugs Quest

    Thanks David. At level 11 that early quest turned out to be very easy at this stage. I must have run by the nest 1000 times and did not even notice it. Thanks again.
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    [SPOILERS] Trouble With Hunting Bugs Quest

    No matter how many times I defeat the multiple spiders to get to the under-mother spider she tells me I am here too soon. That I need to find the broken shards of destiny. I am a level 11 and have finished almost every single quest, yet can not figure what and where do I find the "broken...
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    (Spoilers) Where did I put my sword

    I have to same issue. I know the coin in the statue seventh house quest and where is my sword are different. But no matter how many times that I troll the sewers to defeat all the ghouls around the corpse that holds the sword, I receive no sword to complete this quest. Was not sure if it...
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    Exiled Kingdoms removed from Play Store (EDIT: now published again!)

    Re: IMPORTANT: Exiled Kingdoms removed from Play Store (EDIT: now published again!) Good Day David, I do love the game and until it was pulled off the shelves, I was up to a level ten warrior. Glad to see you are back up and running because I really missed the game over the weekend...