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    Ayuda en español

    Hola, un gusto. Bienvenido, espero estés disfrutando de este gran juego. ¿Podrías detallar un poco mas tus problemas?, así podria ir dandote algunos tips con respecto a las misiones que tienes inconclusas. Con respecto al guerrero con poco daño, ¿Que stats, skills y equipamiento tienes?
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    Dragon slayer!

    It sound really good.... i am reading Berserk again.... waiting for new chap.... But if you want a sword like that, should we make a rogue sword/dgger/bow and cleric 1h/2h mace?
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    RPG element gone wrong

    My first char was a Cleric agi build, and i didnt knew there was companions.... only got hirelings and i really wasted a lot of gold in them... everything changed when the fire nation..... cof cof sorry Everything got a little easier when i discovered gris... she really helps you a lot, try to...
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    New Player Feedback and Help

    Really great tips here.... i mainly play with a Cleric(Ironman dif), the NG tomb and wolf were the best xp and gp farm spots for me.
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    My new little girl xD BorntoDie x.x just lvl 8 ironman mode o.o
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    Our stupid things

    I will only say: "Never get drunk in the friend of a friend of a friend party... specially when she is lesbian... lol"
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    What does your forum user name mean?

    Franny..... Frannyta..... Franchesca.
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    The most difficult RPG you ever played?

    Dark soul..... will be the hardest one for me x.x
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    Forgotten tales

    I didnt knew that game.. just googled it.... anyone recommend it?
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    Swampdonkey sightings!

    Omg 7 legs.... o.o
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    Ayuda en español

    Se agradece mucho la respuesta y disculpa las molestias.
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    What's everyone do for a living!

    Lot of great jobs here....i am just a Nurse lol I take care of people with mental problems, or terminal cases. Its a little hard to work with people who can die in any minute, but i just try to make them feel confortable. I have 4 shifts every week of 12 hrs each one, so i play like 1-2 hrs.
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    High Level Builds

    Int 2 = 4% exp Helmet with Wisdom I = 2% exp Scroll = 7% exp Yep its accumulative bonus.