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    What rpg android games do you play besides exiled kingdoms?

    I can say that I have been an EK player and beta tester as well as wiki editor for over a year now. I have a great love for this game and the community. I do however occasionally search for something else to play having beaten the game with my rogue and being in the end game levels with my mage...
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    What rpg android games do you play besides exiled kingdoms?

    Has anyone else tried a game called "flare x" for Android. Free game being touted as a Diablo 2 revival. A lot of EK open source imagery being used and some reviewers are calling it an EK rip off. It has some slight aspects of originality,but is still in alpha and needs tons of work. If anyone...
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    Lich spawn rate needs to be increased or needs to respawn once killed.

    This has been a concern of mine as well. My mage character has not advanced as far in levels yet. Mainly due to my neglection to cloud save and then encountering a bug in the previous update that caused a serious loss of 9 levels worth of progress. However, it seems to me that the lack of a...
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    Executioner or Minotaur Axe......

    I myself have yet to find a minotaur axe , unless it was sold by mistake. To my understanding though,it is just a very rare drop from minotaur lords. Not a one time drop.
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    I myself cannot sign you up. Your cries have been heard though. Someone will let you know by welcoming you to the great library.
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    Mistakes were made (Lost in a good book)

    There is currently a bug where if you leave the map before talking to sulidar he just disappears. Making the quest uncompleteable. It's being fixed for the next update. For now all you could do would be load from an earlier save. I know because this happneed to me. I accidentally recalled before...
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    Ranged warrior builds

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'll try to answer a few in no particular order. I was indeed talking about a warrior build. The archery skill is a rogue skill. If you consult the weapons table in the wiki every bow currently in game is equippable by both rogues and warriors. This is what...
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    The most powerful 2-handed

    Sorry,I just don't agree. Not sure how it's "natural " to automatically have the option to buy it back. Not everything is bought to be resold. It happens in life all the time. Selling an individual an item does not guarantee the opportunity to buy it back.
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    Lesser known game mechanics

    Whenever you open your traits menu,there is an icon in the lower left corner that will give you the Stat info for each trait. Any highlighted skill,also has a details button that will give you all info on that skill. Reqirements,point cost,level progression, etc.
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    I'm curious as to whether there are any contests in the works or not? I see the other winners,but haven't seen anything about an active contest since I registered on the forums. Curious if this is something we can anticipate,or if this is a thing of the past?
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    AD&D campaign based on Exiled Kingdoms

    Is this game still active? Can I join? It's been a long time since I've played D&D,but it was great fun years ago. I'd have to pick up some dice and a handbook,but that's not a huge deal. Its been long enough that no matter what system you use,I'd be learning all over again.
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    Ranged warrior builds

    I've been crawling the forums all morning and can't seem to find anyone who has built an archery dominant warrior. I'm considering an agility based warrior build that would rely mainly on archery,but be 1h capable also. Sort of as a fallback combat method. Just curious if anyone has already...