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    Just a thought to the thoughtless?

    +1 My guy is me, and me are we.
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    Gotta make a captcha to try and stop these spammers/bots.

    Well poop. I got to the party late. Done sent pm's trying to figure out what was up. Hopefully it gets resolved soon :shock:
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    Red dragon scale drop rate

    Same for me. Took forever and a day to collect the scales.
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    The Legend of Quan (Storytelling) See first post for guidelines.

    ....Quan slowly eased down the stonefaced steps. A horde of blind mice scurried haphazardly away from the sound of the adventurers. "It's mighty dim down here, I can faintly make out the walls of a narrow passage", said Quan, "let me fix this problem." He muttered to himself, in an instant the...
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    Do you remember your first RPG character

    My very first RPG character would be Mario from Legend of the Seven Stars on SNES (I still have the game in its box :D ). My next RPG character I can remember is Dart from Legend of the Dragoon. I don't think I would have ever gotten into the RPG scene had it not been for those two games.
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    Gone for a week

    Quan is in safe hands with us, mi lord. GLHF on your trip. Probably gonna ruffle some feathers just to give ya something to do when ya get back hehehehe....seriously though, enjoy that vacation. -Don
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    The Iron Survivor (forum contest)

    Re: The Ultimate Challenge (forum contest) Although I cannot bring enough skill compete in this contest, I send my best regards to those who can. This is one heck of a contest you guys. Good luck everyone, may the Don be with you :P
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    The Legend of Quan (Storytelling) See first post for guidelines.

    Quan tossed the bandit leader next to the corpses of his crones. The man, barely able to breath let alone move, stared at Quan with bruised bloodshot eyes. "Why....why did you spare me?", the bandit gasped, "Would it not be easier to ease my suffering and send me to the darkness?" The man lay...
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    can't get their

    To add to this, if it applies. When you run for the chest thru the lava, I find that it helps to go to the farthest end of the stone area the chest is on and go on to it there. A few times my char. wouldn't go up onto the stone out of the lava anywhere else they met, as if the stone area were...
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    Movement button issue

    I uses a galaxy S6 and I do have a slight sensitivity issue with my d-pad as well. Sometimes my character will move slower in the other directions too, but its intermittent. TBH it may have something to do with the way the screens are designed on the galaxy devices, regarding the sensitivity of...
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    The Legend of Quan (Storytelling) See first post for guidelines.

    Re: Forum Game for waiting for updates. (Storytelling) See first post for guidelines. Quan's eyes became as large as saucers when he gazed upon the daggers Nightshade was holding. "I've never seen such weaponry!", Quan stammered. Both daggers had blades made from the finest bluesteel found in...
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    Advice for cleric lvl 9

    If only Retr. worked like that for regen..... the cleric would be OP for real, no complaints :P
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    Advice for cleric lvl 9

    Intervention is a skill you could pass on. Its a good failsafe but you have to manage it or it'll cost you. I have it because it has saved me a couple times. You'll pull hair when it runs down a mana bar in the depths of a dungeon far from town, no recall, and low recovery count.....
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    Advice for cleric lvl 9

    I agree with feldon on WoT. Grind another level or two and give it a shot. My cleric did it at lvl10 with potions and heals. Your equipment is definitely top notch. Everyone has their opinion on traits and skills so that is a toss up, but ...if it were me... I would spec more End and add...