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    Medipack Farming?

    I'm working on building up my warrior to run the ark and thus, want to farm out some medipacks as I assume they're faster to farm out than triple golden apples, lol. What's your strategy? Pathing? I'm so used to dragging Hirge along as a heal-bot, that I cringe everytime I have to use...
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    What is you favorite kingdom?

    I'm an Ilmara fan. I'm not sure why, tbh. It just seems... nice. :]
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    Undermother strategy/tips? (spoilers I guess)

    If you want to go all out for it at minimum level, I'd take Addon and then respec maxing evasion, stab, assassinate, and both crit abilities. I suspect the troll cleaver has higher dps output vs her but only just barely, due to its slightly faster atk spd. As for level... Idk if I'd try it...
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    Best 1h warrior weapon?

    I'm using 2h weapons, but I find it useful to keep 1 of each of the following elements: Spirit, Fire, and Lightning. Most enemies you'll encounter are weak to one of these and using the right element for your target is often a better bet than opting for raw dps output, ignoring resists. That...
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    How to kill The Abbot (Cursed Abbey Quest) (spoilers!)

    I was, indeed. I played EK a few years ago but lost my saves.. Still, I remembered that finishing the Abbey had been a large checkpoint of progress for me then, so I pushed through with determination to do it once again. Thank you for the words of encouragement. :]
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    How to kill The Abbot (Cursed Abbey Quest) (spoilers!)

    I've talked to the demon in the Hellish Cave. I have the St Admus chilling as a ghost in the center of my Abbey. I've exhausted all options with both. Abbot is still immortal. I go and read his book. Then I talk to both again. Nothing changed. I killed the demon. No change. What...
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    Raising Thuram Rep?

    I agree, entirely. Any expansions to the game at all are welcome, tbh... But the Tharum region is one of my favourites and further exploration for town hall quests in this area would certainly be welcome. :]
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    Raising Thuram Rep?

    I'm trying to get into Icemist with my warrior. I've done all 4 wizard tower quests and the quest for the mage in Kingsbridge that gives you a cloak. I've also finished Swine Trouble and Probably the Best Potion quests. My Thuram rep is at 4. I was going to do town hall quests in...
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Uther Gurtam level 17 rogue -------------------------- Traits STR 4 END 4 AGI 8 (6+2) INT 3 (2+1) AWA 3 PER 2 (1+1) -------------------------- DPS 32.6 Critical 12% Armour 28 -------------------------- Resistances Fire 28 Cold 8 Shock 55 Death 35 Toxic 20 Spirit 19...
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    Gossip not working properly

    Nevermind, I fixed it.